Within days after houses were annihilated by one more wild occurrence in NSW, a twister has torn through Victoria, Australia.

(Photo : Ralph W. Lambrecht)

Tornado Hitting Horsham

A shocking video surfaced where a twister is shown tearing through Bathurst in NSW's focal west, where three individuals were harmed, homes were paved, trees uprooted, and electrical cables were torn down.

Late Sunday evening, another tornado hit an Australian town with terrifying breezes passing in Victoria.

Regions toward the southeast of Horsham were the most intensely affected by the episode.

Locals recorded the bizarre climate, showing the foreboding clouds and spiraling twister over the lavish green fields.

The two tornadoes are no doubt connected to a particularly severe weather band passing all over the country.

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Tornado Alley

"Is this going to be something a common occurrence at this point? Is Victoria getting a Tornado Alley?" a man said.

While reports of tornadoes hitting Australia are genuinely uncommon, the occasions are more common than one might assume.

Around 80% of the world's tornadoes happen along "tornado alley" in the US and Canada. However, there are still some that roll through Australia.

The Bureau of Meteorology records around 120 tornadoes in Australia every year, but these events are frequently missed or not announced because of their low populace density. In the meantime, towns inside the tornado alley have many inhabitants, consistently wrecking homes and endangering individuals.

Tornadoes are formed when warm, damp air linking the ground crashes into cold, dry air moving the opposite way. This regularly occurs under tempests storms.

The two pockets of air fold over one another, drive a funnel into the thunder cloud system, and make the twisting climate event.

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Tornado Protection

(Photo : Johannes Plenio)

To remain protected during a twister, set up an emergency plan and a first aid pack, stay mindful of weather conditions during storms, find the best places for protection both inside and outside, and consistently shield your head.

Tornadoes consistently hit similar areas over the country, getting tremendous breezes and destruction on their path.

Staying Alert

To protect yourself and your family from injuries during a tornado, give extreme consideration to changing weather conditions in your area. If you realize rainstorms are regular, stay tuned to local; radio and TV stations or any NOAA-affiliated weather radio for additional weather data. Some twisters strike quickly without time for a tornado notice. However, the accompanying weather signs might imply that a tornado is drawing nearer.

Falling and flying debris causes most deaths and injuries during a tornado. Although there is no completely safe place during a tornado, some locations are much safer than others.

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