Here Is Why Antique Furniture is Making a Comeback

(Photo : Image by Ina Hall from Pixabay )

Furniture, like everything else, is driven by trends. It is a little like functional fashion. The function is trivially easy to produce because the fundamental purpose of most all furniture is keeping us and the things we care about off the floor. A shelf stands between valuable items and the floor. A table is a buffer between our food and the floor. And a chair is the thing that stops our hindquarters from hitting the floor. It is pretty simple to achieve that when you stop and think about it.

The fashion part is a bit harder to pull off. There are lots of furniture pieces that are sturdy, but unappealing in other ways. Plenty of furniture is functional, but unattractive. Some furniture is both functional and attractive, but doesn't fit in with your environment or aesthetic sensibilities. So why exactly is antique furniture making a comeback? The Netflix-inspired home decor trends are from period pieces showing off the natural beauty of antique furniture. One reason for the comeback is that people are watching and enjoying these period pieces and making emotional connections with the things they see. Here are a few other reasons why antique furniture is getting a second look:

Old Houses Make More Sense Than New Ones Right Now

The world is doing its best to climb out of a deep, economic hole. Employment is down and stimulus aid is running out. There is not a lot of money for building new houses. It is a lot easier to get into an older home that could use a bit of love than a new home. Antiques can make any space feel luxurious and traditional. The same is true for antique furniture.

You can get a real bargain on an older home deemed a fixer upper, but with good bones. Not all old homes will set you back $60 million at auction. It is also true that many older homes are very close to move-in ready. You will find a lot of charm and delight in those older homes. That charm really comes out when the right period pieces are installed to bring out the natural intent of the space. There is nothing wrong with buying modern furnishings for your home. Just be sure to add one or two period pieces that celebrate the history and grander of a house that has stood the test of time.

To Remember

Do you remember when your mother's jewelry box was passed down to you? Did you know that same box was passed down by her mother, and her mother before that? You might be surprised at how many generations that rocking chair has survived. No one knows exactly the history of that 4-poster bed. Even if you don't have a piece of your own family history, purchasing a piece of antique furniture will help you remember your ancestors better.

That is exactly the kind of chair your great grandmother used to use when knitting all those socks and gloves. That table bears a striking resemblance to the one your grandfather once used as a desk when he started the family business. Antique furniture helps us remember a time when things were not like they are today. Even the bad times are worth remembering so we can appreciate what we have right now.

What's Old Is New Again

One of the interesting things about antiques is that given enough time, they are new again. We often forget that old things were once new and very exciting. They were not made to suit the aesthetic of the older generation. They were made for the young and adventurous. When you have gone through all the latest fashions and find yourself bored and jaded, rediscover what made those antiques so exciting to people in the first place. Those pieces might be old to your grandparents. But they're new to you. Rediscover how good it feels to have something substantial that was hand-crafted and not stamped out by a machine.

Antique furniture is making a comeback. The same is true for antique jewelry. The styles are timeless. If you have an older home, would like to remember someone special, or find that the modern doesn't quite do it for you, then you, too, can rediscover the classics.