A new fly species has been named after LGBT icon RuPual, the insect was named after him by an Australian scientist, and the "Drag Race" host seemed to approve.


Opaluma rupaul

(Photo : Wikimedia Commons)

Opaluma rupaul is an iridescent species of soldier fly (the "opaluma" portion comes from the Latin words for "opal" and "thorn"). Soldier flies are essential insects that are sometimes overlooked by the general population.

In a statement, Bryan Lessard, an entomologist from Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, stated, "Soldier flies are vital in the environment." "The larvae recycle nutrients from dead plants and animals, and the adults pollinate some Australian flora," says the author.

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A Particularly Fierce Yet Colorful Fly

Lessard believed the new species merited a name that suited its colorful appearance.

He told The Guardian, "Naming a species is the first step to understanding and conserving it since they are otherwise invisible to scientists."

After learning that the bug is "quite fierce," Lessard assumed RuPaul would like the moniker.

"It wears a beautiful metallic rainbow-colored outfit and has legs for days," he explained.

RuPaul tweeted about the beautiful fly on Wednesday, indicating that his prediction was accurate.

Lessard, dubbed "Bry the Fly Guy," identified 13 new soldier fly species, including Opaluma rupaul. He claims that nine people live in areas that have been destroyed by the roaring flames of 2019 and 2020.

Lessard's Personal Sentiments

Lessard hopes that Opaluma rupaul will serve as a good role model for future LGBTQ scientists.

"As a gay scientist in a very conservative discipline of study like entomology, it took me a long time to feel comfortable in my skin," Lessard told CNN. "I believe it is critical for the next generation of LGBTQ+ scientists to know that they are being represented in the workplace, especially because we name species after community legends."

Lessard made news in 2012 when he named a different bug after a celebrity, the Scaptia beyonceae, a horsefly named after Beyoncé.

Why are flies important?

(Photo : Egor Kamelev)

While many may dislike flies, they are an essential source of food for many creatures. Flies are enjoyed by birds, lizards, and frogs alike (as does my dog). We already know that insects play an essential part in the chain of life, but a recent study suggests that they may be able to do considerably more.

Flies serve as scavengers, eating rotting organic debris so that we don't have to, which is an essential function in the ecosystem. There would be garbage and dead animal corpses everywhere if it weren't for the flies. While you're grilling, ponder this fantastic notion. Flies convert feces and decomposing corpses into free stock feed and live bird, frog, and reptile food. When you think about it, it's fantastic.

They may eat garbage and prevent it from filling up landfills. The larvae of the black soldier fly, for example, can reach up to 600 and consume half a gram of organic matter every day. Thus, every year, one tiny family may consume an entire home green trash container.

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