Earth has sustained life for a pretty long time now, but with every day passing since, the planet is plunging towards its critical point at an alarming speed. Climate change is a worrisome issue that threatens to topple life and cities everywhere, and if necessary, steps aren't taken today, there isn't much that will be left for us.

In the face of such adverse times, several far-thinkers have stepped up the notch and are working tirelessly to create products that can help sustain just a while longer. If anything, these innovations can make the difference between imminent catastrophe and peaceful centuries of livelihood for the coming generation.

So, here are a few brilliant sustainable innovations that are headed to refine the globe: -

Just Transition by Tbhawt

Tbhawt Manufacturing OÜ is an Estonia-based wind turbine and solar panel manufacturing company that recognized the importance of the Just Transition for the renewable energy industry.

Just Transition implies that the switch to renewables must not lead to inequality in human rights and poverty of those who somehow fallout from the transition.

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The followers of the program open new job positions and establish new opportunities in their fields to ensure that the technological switch benefits everyone.

Nikolai Grebenkine, the Project Coordinator at Tbhawt, reckons, "We've seen times in the past when switching to new technologies put millions of people in horrible conditions and endless fraud.

Renewable energy allows receiving energy day and night without human supervision. This means that many people may lose their jobs. In previous decades this would inevitably have brought the world to the edge of civilization's end.

To avoid this ruining scenario, Tbhawt will launch its new production lines and initiate projects to get more people involved in the industry. We welcome investors, customers, employees, and volunteers to gather our efforts and make the Just Transition as smooth as possible."

Green Building Initiative

If you have come across some buildings decked in head-to-toe green plants and wondered how those work, know that they are a part of the green initiative.

The Green Building Initiative is a sustainability plan that helps buildings take part in becoming sustainable and adding a small amount to help the environment.

The GBI, a nonprofit organization, hence came up with a certification program for commercial buildings. Apart from the green aesthetics you see out of the buildings, the concept focuses on livable communities, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and water conservation.

These resource-efficient buildings are a plea against climate change, and every small point in the certification makes the world a better place.

AirCarbon plastic

Both plastic and unchecked release of carbon into the air is hazardous for the environment. However, AirCarbon, a synthetic alternative to plastic, helps check the addition of both these nuisances in the wide world.

Developed by Newlight Technologies, the production of AirCarbon is a verified carbon-negative process, making the product completely green. Additionally, AirCarbon is made from carbon that would otherwise be let out into the atmosphere helping against the terrible increase in greenhouse gases.

The product works as a plastic alternative, is totally sustainable, and isn't as toxic for the world. Moreover, the product is cost-effective and has won many awards for its innovative genius.


Another great plastic environment set to save the day is VeganBottle, developed by LYSPACKAGING. Plastic bottles are one of the most common wastes dumped in landfills and making their way to oceans.

However, this spectacular product might as well one day replace plastic bottles everywhere and truly make the world a green place. Completely biodegradable, VeganBottles degrade cap, wrapper, and all.

The materials for these green bottles are sourced from sugarcane extracts, which again, as a crop, require much less water than so many other plants. The production process runs on significantly less energy and is green, too.

The VeganBottle packaging is now also being used for packing foodstuff, oils, perfumes, and more. The production process of VeganBottles does not require any oils making the packaging non-toxic.

Solar Glass

The invention of solar panels has been driving the world to sustainability for a long time, and since then, renewed attempts are made to harness more and more of the replenishable resource.

Michigan State University
(Photo : Michigan State University)

Solar glass is one such alternative that aims to use solar power and provide free alternative energy means to buildings and homes. Solar glass is meant for use on roofs, windows, and skylights and can provide unending light and energy during daylight hours.

The glass is being researched and manufactured at the University of Michigan and could substitute about 40% of US power consumption. The organic carbon-based design has shown 8.1% more efficiency than the previously used silicone designs. 

Cleanable just as traditional glass windows and solar panels are, solar glass is all set to change how homes are constructed and bring a great alternative energy solution to many.

Waitrose delivery chains

Using traditional fuels like petrol, gasoline, and diesel is not only eating up the earth's natural resources but also plays a big factor in the decreasing air quality of many cities.

However, a simple solution like using biomethane to power vehicles can solve many problems at a time. For one thing, biomethane is a renewable source of energy and can be replenished plenty of times in a short duration.

Producing biomethane from food waste, especially that of a grocery store, reduces food waste that makes its way to landfills. Biomethane vehicles also do not emit a hazardous amount of carbon monoxide and dioxide into the environment.

Hence, as delivery vehicles are traversing everywhere around the globe at an increasing rate, biomethane delivery vans can help reduce automobile pollution.

Several companies, businesses, and global organizations are taking the necessary steps to overcome threats to the environment. A few great innovations are already heading to make it big and become household names. Proper research and technology will, thus, soon make the world a much safer place to live.