Joint ache is one of the most painful conditions. And it is sad that most dogs suffer from it sooner or later. It is disheartening to see our pets whining, limping and sitting quietly in a corner. While the problem is inevitable in certain cases however that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to avert it. With some care and caution, you can guard your furry buddies against this ailment or at least ensure that the problem remains less severe. Read on to find out how!

Regular Exercise

One of the causes of joint pain is excessive weight gain. This exerts pressure on the knees that deteriorates them leading to pain. The pain tends to get severe with time if the condition is left unattended. This is why veterinarians recommend regular exercise for dogs. Taking your pet for a walk once or twice a day may not be enough especially in case it has a huge built. It is essential to involve your pets in physical activities such as running and playing so as to keep their weight in check. This should form a part of their daily routine when they are still young.

Nutritious Diet and Portion Control

We are sure you love seeing your dog wag its tail as you give it its favourite food. But it is important to ensure that this temporary happiness does not cause long term impact on its health. Your pet should be given nutrition rich diet. The amount of food you provide should be enough to keep it energized but should not result in excessive weight gain. Portion control is essential to avoid weight gain. You must define it from the very beginning.


Regular diet is not enough to fulfil the nutritional requirement of your dog. Essential nutrients required to keep the joint health intact are often missed out if you do not provide supplements. Joint supplements for dogs are loaded with the goodness of glucosamine, omega 3 fatty acids, chondroitin, yucca root and turmeric that keep the joints healthy and strong.

Many pet owners make the mistake of starting with the supplements after their pet reaches a certain age. This is not the right approach. To keep their joints healthy, it is important to start supplements when they are still young. The dosage, however, may be increased as they age. It is best to consult a veterinarian to understand the correct dose based on your dog's breed, age and other factors.

Regular Check Up

As your dog ages it is suggested to take it for regular medical check up. This will help detect health issues, if any, at the right time. So, they can be treated at an early stage.

Create a Safe Environment

Joint injuries incurred during young age often lead to joint pain as the dogs grow old. Creating a safe environment at home can prevent injuries as your playful pet roams and jumps around.

The tips shared above are simple yet effective in preventing joint pain among dogs. Follow them to keep your pets happy and healthy.