Pests - the term itself suggests something that isn't much of a good thing to hang around! And yes, they are harmful too! Not just to humans, but for plants too, pests are a matter of grave concern. These organisms bring damage to crops and livestock and spread disease, and cause a lot of trouble. Also, pests are present everywhere, even around your house!

So, to prevent them from spreading germs and diseases, you must adhere to some pest repellent techniques to eliminate their presence. In this article, we shall talk about the different pest repellents and address a common question - do you know how pest repellers work?

Some Background Information About Pests

Before going further into the topic, let us clear off a few things for your understanding. First, every insect you see around is not a pest. Certain insects live off eating other insects, eventually causing benefits.

An organism is called a 'pest' only when it has abilities to cause a nuisance and spread disease. Therefore, judging by the description, mosquitoes and flies are the ones who surely qualify as pests. Next in line is a cockroach, the most common pest found on earth! Following them are rodents such as mice and rats, and weeds which suck out nutrients from other plants.

All the Possible Options You Have

One of the chief concerns behind leading a healthy lifestyle is staying in a clean environment. And to achieve that, it is necessary to safeguard your household from such organisms. But what are the ways to do it? How can you protect your household from pests? Well, the following are some tips about that:


Pest repellents are one of the most common techniques to get rid of these disease-causing agents. There are lots of repellents available in the market, enough to suffice your needs. Moreover, in current times, there's this ultrasonic pest repellent that works wonders!

Normally, we understand repellents to be some kind of solution, disinfectants, etc. These, along with keeping pests away, either have a foul odor or cause skin irritation or difficulty breathing. But ultrasonic pest repellers create an electro-magnetic field, emitting sound waves that cause the pests to stay away. So, no worries about smell or skin irritations further on!

Removing Stagnant Water

This may sound funny, but stagnant water is the root cause of the breeding and spread of pests. Water collected in pots or puddles around the house, or open drainage, is mosquitoes' breeding ground. Unfortunately, they are also a paradise for houseflies.

So, be very careful and not let any water stagnation in and around your house. This reduces the chances of breeding such pests and makes your home a lot less vulnerable to a pest attack!

Keeping the Kitchen Tidy

Pests are more likely to prosper in moist and dirty places. And the kitchen is the area where both of these qualities are present. Therefore, make sure to properly clean the kitchen to get rid of the tiny food particles. Also, use disinfectant sprays and cleansers if necessary. This might not protect the entire house, but the kitchen would be safe from such disease-causing organisms.

Proper Nurturing of Lawn/Garden

If you have a lawn or garden in the backyard, proper nurturing and maintenance are a must. Look out for potholes causing water stagnation. Pruning the grasses with a lawnmower and cutting off dense bushes help to keep the surroundings clean. A well-maintained garden keeps mosquitoes, flies, ants, and even rodents away. And yes, a maintained garden also makes it look beautiful and an ideal place for taking strolls at times!

Regular Garbage Disposal

It so happens at times that you forget to dump the daily wastes. While this may seem trivial to some, it actually has certain adverse effects on us as well as our household. First, it is the unhealthiest practice as it might lead to a foul smell prevailing on the entire house. On top of that, it is the most common form of attraction of pests and rodents.

Further on, matters get even worse when you find out rats and mice infiltrating your house and rotten left-over food spread across the floor. So, make sure to dispose of your household wastes and garbage on a daily basis. This helps keep the house clean and also protects from loitering of pests.

Seek Help From a Pest Control Agency

Last but not least, you always have the option to call up a professional agency and seek help for pest control. They are efficient people and also affordable. So, just in case you think that things are out of your control, call up the professionals, and they will take care of the rest!

Therefore, these are the many ways to help you stay protected from pests and live a healthy life, with a clean, hygienic household and surrounding as well.