The students living in India have proven their intelligence, talent and resourcefulness time after time.

This phenomenon, paired with the fact that the sub-continent cannot fully nurture these great minds, leads to them seeking better opportunities in other regions to improve themselves and serve humankind.  

One of the regions that often experience many Indian visitors, students, and immigrants is the United Kingdom, more specifically England.

Most people travel to study and start to live in a foreign county on a budget while being relatively young, which leads to several problems and inconveniences for these students.

To make the lives of these students a little easier, STORED has launched a new student-oriented storage program. This program offers students extremely cheap storage units that are super helpful for people moving to the UK or students living in cramped dorms.

The United Kingdom is not a new market for storage services, but this business model might feel unfamiliar for people coming over from India.

To get everyone on the same page, storage services allow their clients to rent storage units which they can purchase for certain durations of time. The prices of these units depend on the size and duration of the plan.

STORED offers a plethora of deals and exclusive discounts for everyone, and recently, we have started to provide a plan specifically designed for newly settled or immigrating students.

You can expect the highest quality of service from STORED's programs. We have established our name throughout London and have expanded our business to many other cities around the United Kingdom ever since.


Why you should consider using STORED's services    

Variety and convenience:

Convenience is considered a key factor when referring to a successful business model. To succeed in the current market place companies are forced to be more efficient than ever.

This means convenience plays a huge role when it comes to choosing a service, especially for students who have highly tight schedules, and to cover all of these discrepancies the STORED  platform allows endless customisability.

Our platform provides you with several luxuries and convenience options to choose from, and these options consist of paying our staff or a dedicated moving team to help you pack your luggage, doorstep pick-up and delivery, and most importantly, affordable returns right back to an address in your city.


Quality is a factor that makes something unique and different from others. So, if you seek quality, then STORED is the right place.

STORED provides best-in-class rental units to store your belongings. The storage units come equipped with climate control systems, 24/7 security, and many other systems that ensure your belongings remain unharmed.

These quality control features are essential so that you won't ever worry about your units and can rest knowing that your belongings are in safe hands.


How STORED storage plans help students

Clutter can be both mentally and physically exhausting to live with; spending time in an unorganized and messy space drains your mental energy, which results in students being less and less productive.

After the peak of the pandemic, most students have spent a tremendous amount of time inside their homes, looking at the same furniture and layout all day long.

This leads to boredom, and with the quarantine measures still going strong, most people are eager to redecorate and renovate.

If you want to renovate your house yourself, you can store all of your furniture and belongings to work on your house stress-free.

If you have amassed many electronics and documents inside your house during the pandemic, you can try to reorganize and renovate your room by using our services.

Students and young people love options; if you're curious about the choices STORED provides, worry not. They offer enough variety to cover all of your needs.

Our platform has a robust database that allows you to modify your specifications with great detail and then lets you compare all of our offerings available.

Our platform was designed to modernise the whole storage industry while simultaneously making it more accessible and efficient.

We also account for younger people trying to make earnest efforts towards saving the planet by reducing their consumption and carbon footprint. The climate activists can rest easy knowing that this form of storage helps tremendously mitigate all types of pollution and waste.

If you think your old furniture or belongings need to go but you'd hate filling up landfills or contributing to electronic waste, or you might need your luggage back after a while, you can rent the units which provide a much cheaper and more complete solution when compared to traditional storage.

We know that wasting money is a big concern for a lot of students. That's why STORED focuses on bringing you the cheapest deals with our exclusive discounts on partnered storage service businesses.

Students are very critical regarding their decisions and are highly cautious regarding their choices especially pertaining to privacy and trusting others with their belongings.

So, the next time your summer break rolls around, or you want to store some of your old books and furniture from your dorm, check out our platform for the most reliable, cheap, and highest quality of service available in the storage industry.