Getting Sick on Holiday: The Over-the-Counter Medicines You Should Always Take with You on Your Travels

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When you're preparing for your holiday, you're obviously looking forward to a well-deserved break but before you can get into relaxation mode, there's usually lots of planning and packing to do. Some of the most essential things to pack that are not to be overlooked include medicines for your trip. You don't want to find yourself feeling unwell whilst away from home, and possibly not being able to get what you need from a local pharmacy. We've put together a list of the most important medicines to take with you, so you can be sure that you're fully prepared for every eventuality. It won't take up much space to pack these items and it won't cost you a lot either because you can save money with these Boots discount codes. 

Anti-diarrhea tablets

One of the most common ailments you can experience on holiday has to do with your stomach. Whether you're exploring new cuisines or happen to encounter some contaminated food or water, it's not a pleasant situation to find yourself in, especially when you're away from home. No matter where you're going, it's a wise idea to pack some anti-diarrhea medicine in your suitcase, so that you can take it at the first sign of any unexpected bowel movements.


Probably the most used painkiller is definitely a must for your travels. You can use it to fight mild to moderate pain of many kinds, and it can also be used for cold and flu symptoms. So if you feel a cold coming on or if you get a headache or neck pain after sleeping in a strange bed, taking these painkillers can help ensure that your holiday isn't ruined. Remember to always read the label and follow the instructions. 


Another common problem for travelers who are keen on discovering the local food can be indigestion or heartburn. If you pack some antacids in your luggage, you can take these after your meal to nip in the bud any symptoms quickly so that they won't spoil the rest of your day or evening.

Motion sickness medicine

For some, even the thought of getting on a plane might make your stomach churn. When travelling abroad, you may likely use many different types of transport, including planes, trains, and even boats. Even if you don't usually suffer from travel sickness, it's best to take this medicine with you just in case.  

Antihistamine or anti-allergy pills

These can also be very important for your trip. If you usually suffer from hay fever or allergies you may have already thought about this one, but remember that travelling to foreign places with different climates can set off new and existing allergies. Antihistamines can also help with the discomfort of insect bites like mosquitos. Make sure you don't take more than the recommended dose to avoid drowsiness. 

When travelling abroad, it's not uncommon to experience some minor injury that might need medical attention. If you want to make sure you can deal with these quickly and easily, it's a good idea to have a small first aid kit with you at all times. Most of the time, any health problems you have on holiday are not serious and can be resolved easily if you have these essential items with you. This way, you can take all the hassle out of your trip and really enjoy yourself. If you're a foodie, once you've got your stomach covered with the items mentioned above, you may want to check out the tips and advice here for discovering the best food around the world!