A 24-year-old Russian woman, Yana Balobanova, who "stormed off" a forest wedding after a heated argument, died as she wandered. People believed she was brutally devoured alive by bears.

Authorities said, Balobanova, 24, left the wedding event and wandered the woods after an altercation with another visitor. The authorities added she was able to call 911 from the middle of the woods. Unfortunately, the local officials could not locate her.

Bear Scent Scared Off Trackers

Sensational Bruno the Bear gets Tranquilized and Relocated to a Safer Place
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The sensational wanderlust Bruno the bear that has garnered followers online was tranquilized in Missouri and relocated to a safer location for animal and the public’s security reason.

Trackers were reportedly employing canines to sniff for the woman's smell, according to The Sun. When her smell collided with that of some brown bears, the dogs got scared and anxious. According to the news site, the search crew discovered many bear tracks in the vicinity.

The pungent odor drove the dogs away, leaving them nearly worthless in the hunt. The collection of prints led police to assume that Balobanova had been assaulted by the bears and perhaps devoured.

When the authorities confirmed the bears' presence, Yana Balobanova's situation was put in jeopardy.

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Search Operation

The search has been ongoing over the last month. "It is no longer conceivable to expect that the woman would be recovered alive," Wildlife Inspector Andrei Sakulin stated.

While the notion is unfortunate, the woman's position appears to be dire. In the vicinity, searchers discovered the tracks of a mother grizzly and her cubs. A mother bear, as everyone who knows anything about bears knows, can be pretty dangerous.

"If a person is unintentionally caught between a bear and her cubs, the predator can strike instantly and severely, without growls or warnings," Sakulin added.

Aggressive Bears

Grizzly Bear
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Male bears can also be violent at this time of year, according to the wildlife expert. But, overall, the search may provide no results. According to the article, if the lady had been assaulted by these predators, they might have hidden her body.

Furthermore, it's possible that the lady was just unable to survive in the woods on her own. Her father said she has never done anything like this before. "It was conceivable a bear grabbed her," her father stated.

Things don't appear to be going well while the media waits for news regarding the woman's disappearance. Aside from the fact that Balobanova was likely confronted by an angry mother bear, it's also probable that she didn't know how to prevent an assault.

What to do during bear encounters

Grizzly Bear
(Photo : Brett Sayles)

According to a CNN repport, you should never flee from a bear encounter. However, in Balobanova's instance, if she got the chance to run, this was most likely her method of escape. Instead, the National Park Service recommends moving sideways gently.

It won't endanger the creature, and you'll be able to flee without stumbling. Bears will pursue fleeing animals since they hunt; therefore, escaping will not be the safest choice.

Despite what you may have seen in the movies, the piece also advised against climbing trees since bears of all types excel at it. The National Park Service added that most bears prefer to be alone and unbothered rather than attack.

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