Undoubtedly, you all must be aware of diabetes. It has become a most common and chronic disease. Also, it is a long-lasting health disorder, will live with you till the grave. Diabetes affects the conversion of food into energy. Most of the food that people eat is broken down into glucose (sugar), which is then mixed with the blood, and, as a result, the pancreas is forced to release insulin. If you are a person with diabetes, so it is obvious that neither your body makes enough insulin nor it can use the insulin, it makes just as it ought to. When there is low amount of insulin or the cells of your body stop responding to insulin, a great amount of sugar is left in your circulatory processes. In a meantime, that can cause severe wellbeing disorders, like coronary sickness, loss of eyesight, and infections related to kidneys. Therefore, there is no proper cure for diabetes but staying active, eating healthy food, and losing weight can help fight against it. Diabetes is the reason for many deaths. Also, it is the leading cause of kidney failure and loss of vision. 

Symptoms of Diabetes

If you observe these changes in your body or nature, please see your doctor and get your blood tested;

  1. The person may have blurry vision.

  2. He may frequently urinate, often in the mid of the night.

  3. He may feel exhausted and dizzy all the time.

  4. He may have scars or marks that are not healing.

  5. He may have very rough and dry skin.

  6. He may have a frequent loss of weight.

  7. He may be thirsty every time.

  8. The person may have cravings for sugary items.

As it is a highly tenacious and fatal disease, some things should be avoided if you are a diabetic patient;

Things to Avoid if you have diabetes

1. Sugary Items and Beverages

Sugar-sweetened items or alcohol are the worst enemies of a diabetic patient. Sugary drinks contain a high level of fructose which can cause the level of sugar in the blood to rise. Also, sweet liquids and sodas can decrease the level of insulin and are rich in carbs too. As a result, the diabetic patient may get fat or fatty liver. Alcohol influences glucose levels. It may spike your glucose. Meanwhile, if you drink on a vacant stomach or take some drugs, your levels could swing excessively low.

2. Pseudo Fats

Trans fats or pseudo fats are dangerous and very unhealthy. They are unsaturated fats that are composed of hydrogen. They are chemically treated. Moreover, they do not increase the sugar level, but they can cause inflammation. Also, they are insulin-resistant. So they can decrease the level of insulin in the blood, which is absolutely not good. Furthermore, pseudo fats can increase belly fat and can disturb your cardiovascular activities.  

3. Carbs

Things that have high levels of carbs should be neglected. Pasta, white rice, and bread are rich in carbs. The refined flour items can cause a tremendous amount of sugar level to rise. According to research, it is proved that carbs not only increase sugar levels but also decrease brain functioning. Moreover, the processed foods contain fiber which leads to Gut Microbiota. The Gut Microbiota is also a chronic disease mixture of all the viruses, fungi, and bacteria living in your intestine. This mixture creates a new organ in the body. Avoiding carbs will let you live in peace; otherwise, rest in peace.

Carbs also accelerate the addiction related disorders so it's better to avoid them if you have diabetes.

4. Dried Fruits

Fruits are the primary source of nutrients and vitamins, but when they are dried, they work oppositely. Dried fruits become rich in sugar. Also, the concentration of carbs is increased in the dried fruits. Therefore, dried fruits are fatal for diabetic patients. Indeed, fruits are the key component of health, and you do not have to give up on fruits, but avoid dried fruits and have those fruits that have low concentrations of sugar. 

5. French Fries

Potatoes are extremely rich in carbs. Therefore, carbs are prohibited for diabetic patients. Furthermore, when potatoes are deep-fried, they yield very poisonous mixtures that are disastrous for a person with diabetes. Meanwhile, being rich in carbs, as a result, they increase the sugar levels in the blood. Also, the oil in which potatoes are deeply fried is unhealthy, which can be a reason for the inflammation, acidity, and cholesterol.

6. Fruit Juices 

Juices fall under the category of sugary beverages. They contain the same amount of sugar as sodas and cold drinks. They are highly rich in fructose which gives rise to the blood sugar levels. Therefore, fructose results in resisting insulin which is detrimental to health. Also, it can be a reason for obesity, the gain of weight, and increase heart diseases. Instead, take a glass of water, squeeze a lemon in it and enjoy your citrus fruit juice with literally less than 1 gram of carbs and a less amount of calories. 

7. Packaged Snacks

The packaged snacks are composed of refined flour. Plus, they are fried or deep-fried in the oil, which is detrimental for diabetic patients. In addition, they are composed of lots of fast-digesting carbs that can rapidly increase your blood sugar levels. Instead, eat nuts or meals rich in nutrients and have a small amount of cheese if you are hungry. Therefore, do not risk your life and health because of packaged snacks. 


In a nutshell, People do not take diabetes as a severe and prolonged disease. Instead, they keep eating unhealthy and junk food that is prohibited and harmful. Figuring out what to avoid in sugar can be very hard, but following a few guidelines and your doctor's prescription can make your life easier and secure. Research suggests that having two a day or six eggs a week can maintain a very healthy diet for people with diabetes. Diabetes is becoming a natural catastrophe, and it can grow to be an epidemic if not treated well. Moreover, there is a treatment for diabetes, but it is economically prosperous and costly. Therefore, it can be treated if people start taking care of themselves.