On Saturday, a shark cruelly attacked a man to death after he walked into the sea off a Brazilian beach to pee while he was drunk.

(Photo : George Desipris)

How it Happened

51-year-old Marcelo Rocha Santos was having some drinks together with his friend at the Piedade Beach in the Brazilian city of Jaboatao dos Guararapes before the unfortunate incident happened, Eminetra.co.nz reported.

It was reported that the victim walked into the sea at about 2 p.m. ET when the shark rushed out of the water and mauled him. An eyewitness, Edriano Gomez, revealed to the outlet that at the time Santos got into the water, the weather was not bright but cloudy and the sea had started to storm, a type of weather that rejuvenates shark activity.

Gomez said to Eminetra.co.nz: "It was my friend who was at sea with the man that was mauled. All of a sudden, he noticed the victim suffering. There was so much blood in the water."

The second eyewitness, Ademir Sebastiao da Silva, said Santos and his friend went into the sea to urinate since the vicinity had no toilet. He told the outlet he was close to him with water up to his waist.

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Victim's Mutilated Remains Wahes Ashore 

The mutilated remnants of the victim washed ashore following the attack and photos captured by observers revealed the animal had cut off one of his arms and chopped off a big chunk of flesh out of his lower limb.

The body of the victim, with no vital signs, was conveyed to a hospital in the city of Recife close to where the incident happened, where the doctors confirmed he was dead, as per the publication.

Not less than 12 shark attacks have taken place in the past at the same location on the beach where Santos passed on. A lifeguard on duty during the time of the attack was not able to rescue the victim, News-Logics.com reported.

(Photo : Ben Phillips)

Bull Shark Vs. Tiger Shark 

While there were so many caution signs at the beach warning people not to go into the water, it was reported that the lifeguards did not tell the men to leave the water because they went only as deep as the waist.

Although the type of shark that mauled the man wasn't definite, experts have a suspicion it could be either a bull shark or a tiger shark, the outlet reported.

Shark, any of the diverse species of cartilaginous fishes that are predators and make up the order Selachii  and class Chondrichthyes.

Sharks vary from other elasmobranchs, however, and look like normal fishes, in the fusiform shape of their body and in the position of their gill clefts on every side of the head. Though there are extraordinary, sharks generally possess tough skin that is dull gray in colour and toothlike scales normally roughens it.

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