Less than a month after several cities recorded several all-time highs, another severe heat wave is poised to slowly develop throughout the western United States.

Labor Day Holiday Weekend: Record Heat Temperatures of More Than 50 Million in the US
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Mother Nature is set to turn up the heat across the West this week, with temperatures reaching triple digits in several places.

Rising Temperatures in the Heat

Temperatures are predicted to be 10-15 degrees above average for this time of year in the West. Some scattered afternoon thunderstorms may provide some respite as the Southwest monsoon intensifies, forecasters say. However, temperatures will not reach levels of June's record-setting heat wave.

A sweltering heat wave is predicted to sweep the region this week due to a ridge of high pressure that is anticipated to increase.

Meteorologist Adam Sadvary observed, "This setup will be the main force that keeps blazing temperatures in place for most of the West through at least this coming weekend."

Above Average Heat

Death Valley California Temperature of 130° Fahrenheit Possibly the New Worldwide Heat Record
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The well-above-average heat will be exacerbated by strengthening high pressure and the continued severe drought in the southwestern United States.

According to senior Meteorologist Dave Dombek, "the pre-existing dry soil permits most of the sun's energy to heat the ground and the air nearest the ground, rather than evaporate liquid."

"This drought-hot cycle frequently results in high temperatures, allowing heat waves to develop," Dombek said.

Temperatures in Boise, Idaho, and Salt Lake City, Utah, are expected to flirt with records. The temperature at Boise Airport reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday, marking the eighth day in a row that the airport has recorded a high of 100 degrees or higher.

Meanwhile, Salt Lake City is anticipated to break the record high temperature of 103 set in 2017 on Wednesday, with a high 105 forecast in the afternoon.

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Getting Hotter

Nature World News - Extreme Heat and Rain: Thousands of Weather Stations Show There's Now More of Both, for Longer
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Temperatures are expected to rise throughout the week in Las Vegas and Phoenix, Arizona. Las Vegas is projected to approach record highs on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The Valley of the Sun will flirt with 110 degrees for most of the week. In addition, temperatures could reach near-record levels over the weekend.

Since the beginning of the summer, both cities have seen temperatures of 110 degrees or higher. In addition, six days in a row in Las Vegas have had high temperatures of 110 degrees Fahrenheit or more, while ten days in Phoenix have seen temperatures of 110 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Temperature all Over the Western US

Sydneysiders Try To Stay Cool As Heatwave Conditions Sweep Across NSW
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At the start of July, the typical high in Las Vegas is in the low 100s, while the normal high in Phoenix is in the upper 100s.

Temperatures in Death Valley, California, could be within 10 degrees of the all-time record. By the end of the week, the heat will have spread to even more areas. Temperatures should reach 124 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday at Death Valley.

Redding, California, is expected to reach 111 degrees on Friday, close to the previous high of 113 set in 2008. The city may set another record on Saturday, with the afternoon high temperature expected to hit 112. Fresno, California, also may set a record for the day.

"When feasible, residents should avoid intense outdoor activities during the afternoon's peak warmth. When the heat cannot be avoided, it is critical to drink lots of fluids to avoid dehydration and other heat-related diseases, "Mary Gilbert, a meteorologist, explained the situation.


The Southwest isn't in for any respite, as the searing heat is expected to last throughout the weekend. Although monsoonal moisture may give some respite, the unpredictable nature of thunderstorms does not ensure that all inhabitants can overcome the heat.

Many locals may recall the mid-June heat wave that scorched parts of the Southwest, with temperatures reaching 110 degrees Fahrenheit or more in some areas for over a week.

In the Southern California deserts, afternoon high temperatures climbed into the 120s, smashing previous records. Although the heat wave that will swelter most of the Southwest will be milder than the one that hit the region in mid-June, the heat wave's duration will certainly make some people yearn for cooler weather.

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