How to Pick the Most Perfect Name for Your Pup

(Photo : How to Pick the Most Perfect Name for Your Pup)

One of the many exciting things about adopting a puppy is getting to pick a name. Names hold so much importance. It is something your furry little baby will respond to, something that will distinguish it from other dogs. It should be meaningful but also something you can easily pronounce - otherwise you might attract stares in public!

If you are completely clueless about where, to begin with choosing a name (or are simply indecisive), you are in the right place. After going through this article, you should be able to pick the most perfect name for your pup. All you have to do is search dog names, short-list a couple of them, and ask yourself a few questions. Ready?

How Do You Short-list a Couple of Names?

There are a number of ways you can short-list some pup names. Here are a few factors that may influence it:

Names Based on Your Dog's Appearance

What color is your pup? Which breed? How long is its fur? What shape is its snout? What size is it? A lot of features make your baby the cutie patootie it is. You could base the name on the most significant feature, the one that makes your pup stand out among the rest. Or, you could find one that summarises its overall look. This is probably the simplest way you can find a suitable name for your pup. 

Names Based on Your Dog's Personality

You can try and name your dog based on its personality only if you are willing to wait a few days, observe, and then name it. 

Some dogs like to nap and snack, whereas others find joy in running around the house all day. Some pups despise excessive affection, others practically survive off cuddles. Some are super friendly even with strangers, others, however, do not really feel comfortable with people other than those they know. Your dog may also have a quirk or specific trait unique to itself, this makes choosing a name even easier. 

Names Inspired from Your Favorite Food

This is perfect for you if you are a big-time foodie. What better way to address your little one than the meal that best satisfies your soul? You have to admit that food names are truly cute: donut, dumpling, noodle, brownie, and so on!

Names of Your Favorite Insta-famous Dogs

It could also be a dog from a blockbuster film or a TV show, or maybe one owned by your favorite YouTuber. A lot of famous people own dogs. There are also a lot more dogs that are probably more famous than you on the internet. If you have one that you have been following on social media for a while, you could be sneaky and copy its name!

Names Related to Your Culture or Heritage

We are hugely shaped by our culture and heritage, even if we don't realize it while growing up. You could pay an awesome tribute to your culture by naming your pup inspired by a component that holds importance in it. If you do choose this method, you will be surprised about how many new things you come across and get to learn about your roots.

Names that Hold Special Value to You

People find solace in the most random of things. We all have people, places, and things close to our hearts. Sometimes though, we cannot hold onto them no matter how hard we try, no matter how much we want to. If you have something or someone like that (which you probably do), and the wound has healed, you could commemorate their memory by giving your pet their name. There cannot be a more wholesome method to do so.

Names that Make You Nostalgic

Think of your childhood best friend. Or maybe your favorite middle school teacher. Perhaps the tv show you binged after returning home from school. We all have names that take us on a sweet walk down memory lane. It is bittersweet to look back at memories. However, if you use one such name to address your pup, over time, there will definitely be more of an emphasis on the sweet half. 

Names you Wanted to Give Your Kids

Many people have baby name ideas but either choose a different name or don't have kids for one reason or another. Perhaps your choice won second place to your spouse's suggestion and you never really let go of the name. If that's you, then you could choose that for your pup. It's the exact same as naming a child but it would add sentimental value.

Names Inspired from Elderly People

It is always amusing when furry little ones rock old-fashioned names. If you are someone who believes this as well, you can look for such names. Classic names add a regal touch to your pup's existence. If you are someone who resonates with that particular vibe, you should go for elderly people's names. Do try to keep it short and catchy though, it is easier for younger ones to register it rapidly. 

Questions to Ask Before Finalizing a Name

You are ready with your top picks, now what? How do you finalize one out of so many? All of them sound really nice, which is precisely why they made it to your shortlist. To ease your indecisiveness, ask yourself the questions stated below. 

  • Does this go with my dog's overall vibe?

  • Is the name too common?

  • Would my dog confuse it with a command?

  • Do any of my other pets have a similar name?

  • Is the name precious to me?

  • Would my dog be able to distinguish its sound when I call it out in a crowded place?


Whichever name passes most of the questions above is the perfect name for your pup. If all else fails, just go with your intuition and pick whichever 'feels' right for your pup. No one knows that better than you. Dogs totally change your life and are magical creatures. Best wishes for your new dog-parenting journey!