Travel is growing across the country as pandemic restrictions are eased. Vacation rental homes are flying off the shelves as summer approaches, especially along the Jersey Shore, where property owners, agencies, and management businesses are anticipating brisk business.

Summer Rentals

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Maria Kirk, the owner of Shore Summer Rentals, has already had a successful year. "It was a touch dismal this time last year." But, according to Kirk, the attitude has shifted substantially this year. "People simply want to be down at the Jersey Shore, they want to relive those moments with their kids, and they're willing to do so."

Kirk told AccuWeather that she had already surpassed a 95% occupancy rate. "This summer, I believe it will be absolutely insane. In most of our New Jersey communities, July and August are completely booked."

In cities all along the Jersey Shore, the same situation is unfolding.

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Booking Services

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The Jersey Shore is also witnessing an increase in booking services like Airbnb. "Cape May is really a top trending location throughout the entire site," Airbnb's Sam Randall told CBS Philly of the popular resort on New Jersey's southeastern edge.

The blockbuster season might be due to several causes. According to Duane Watlington, owner of Vacation Rentals Ocean City, NJ, the epidemic has prompted many who would normally go farther distances to schedule a vacation closer to home.

Sean Tannehill of Mark Arbeit and Co. concurs but claims demand is coming from well outside the Northeast.

In addition, Tannehill stated that some Jersey Shore homeowners had sold their rental homes due to the heated housing market.

Other Businesses

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Despite the paucity of available rental homes, Kirk believes there will be more restaurant seating this summer than ever before. Due to pandemic limitations, there has been a rise in outside dining, which will be permanent whenever feasible. "It has a lot of fans. 90% of people say, "I want to go outside as long as it's not 100 degrees," and you're either too hot or too cold, so you have both options, which is great."

Memorial Day Weekend

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Visually visiting the Jersey Shore over Memorial Day weekend won't have to deal with 100-degree temperatures. In recent weeks, parts of the Northeast have seen summer-like temperatures. On May 23, the weather in Ocean City, New Jersey, reached 89 degrees Fahrenheit. There was a similar summer preview up and down the South Jersey Shore that weekend, with temperatures approaching 90 degrees in Stone Harbor, Cape May, and Sea Isle City.

However, forecasters have cautioned that the Jersey Shore's unofficial first weekend of summer will not feel very summery. For much of the weekend, bad weather and unexpectedly chilly air may put a damper on people's beach plans.

However, the summer heat is on its way, and there may be possibilities to obtain a rental near the season's conclusion.

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