Using a LMS to Reveal Skill and Compliance Gaps

(Photo : Using a LMS to Reveal Skill and Compliance Gaps)

Skills development and compliance training, both of these depict the same emotion that is boredom. There is nothing pretty about the idea of sitting the whole day in a lecture. Or, you might be more concerned about the budget involved in the whole process. From finding a suitable venue, to paying the instructor, or paying the employees while they complete the training program can add up to a lot. The bright side is that LMS can assist in reading cost,  make sure of engagement, and more. Totara learning allows you to help you bring to light the training and compliance gaps in your organization. 

Conduct training need analysis

The foremost step in relieving a training or compliance gap in your organization is to conduct an analysis process for training needs. This can be difficult if you're not known to the process, but the ideal learning management system can support. In a broader aspect, we will take you through the process you will require to follow. 

  • Goal: firstly, you need set goals for your training. What you are trying to accomplish from training? Are you patient to achieve it? What should employers expect from the training program? Ensure that the goals are specified and that enhance skills and knowledge. 

  • Understand your audience: who is your audience? Who all are participating in the training? Who are you going to train? What are the expected results for all the segments of participants? Verify that your eLearning modules are aligned with organizations needs and performance targets. 

  • Feedback: after the training ends, or at the end of every module, it is the time for your assessments. These ought to be completed online and to help develop skills of your employees while evaluating their existing competencies. 

After the analysis is done, you have a better understanding of where each member of the team stands on the scale of competency, skills, and more. There are an ample no. of methods you can evaluate your employees competencies including, feedback forms, survey, quizzes, and questionnaires. 

Organizations discover that they lack competency in various departments, however some of the common ones include sales training, soft skills, compliance, and hiring. 

Gap analysis: 

With the feedback out of the way and needed information is in hands, you can figure out the no. of employees who are required to complete training, what are the areas that need training, what areas that training need to touch, and more. With a eLearning system you need to have access to key performance indicators that allow you to review the gaps in skill and assign modules and content for training automatically to close the gaps and develop your team's competency. 

Closing the gap:

After completing the gap analysis, you know where your team falls. It is the time to create a way leading to success and make sure that you are able to close the skills gap and even a compliance gap. There are various methods through which you can achieve this, however all of them need a LMS. With the right learning management system, develop better options to better your LMS curriculum. After identifying the areas where skill and compliance gaps exist, you are able to create content, quizzes, games, video, and animation that will help your team to retain the necessary knowledge relevant to the role they are performing in your organization. 


The most important is to uncover skills and compliance gaps to understand what is missing. Conduct the assessments to judge the competency level of your employees, and determine the gaps. Get the right LMS to close those gaps by providing the training they need to hone their skills and knowledge for the development of the organization and their career. Not only training, your LMS is the critical tool in every step to help you better the retention.