Dr Enfry Salas on Social Media and "lift culture"

(Photo : Dr Enfry Salas on Social Media and "lift culture")

Social media has completely changed our perceptions of the world and how we view individuality. A tool comprising hundreds of different platforms that have now infiltrated every industry around the world. Our usage of social media as a form of marketing and advertising has now influenced and ultimately changed the way we buy products, obtain services, and acknowledge resources. 

With major criticism coming from both public and governmental institutions regarding privacy and data protection - there is much we still need to learn and understand around the use of social media as a tool of influence. One industry or field which has received major traction with the use of social media is that of non-surgical cosmetic procedures. In a modern era, people such as Dr Enfry Salas from the Enfry Clinic have used social media platforms as a way to invite patients and clients to see the "reality" of what his clinics do. 

As with many things in life, there's both good and bad for everything. Dr Salas is using social media as a way to inspire, openly communicate, and lessen social disapproval of non-surgical cosmetic procedures. With a global reach, and clinics in both Europe and the Dominican Republic, Dr Salas and his team of highly trained specialists are looking to broaden the understanding of "lift culture." 

What is "lift culture" and why are we seeing more of this on social media? 

"Lift culture'' has been around for decades, it's only recently become more commonplace in society with the introduction of social media. Looking at non-surgical cosmetic procedures, "lift culture" includes the use of fillers and micro-needling to enhance the aesthetic appearance of patients. "Lift culture" makes it possible for patients to have a non-surgical option to raise the tips, smooth a deviation, and fix impurities caused by accidents or surgical procedures. 

With the use of social media, "lift culture" is not gaining more traction. Looking at Dr Salas and the Enfry Clinic which is completely on social media. Interested patients or returning clients know the Enfry Clinic completely from what they see on the internet, well for the most of it. Dr Salas and his team share an open and real-life look at what they offer, rather than spending money on advertisements in magazines, or social media ads. 

"Lift culture" has fueled social media to become a place of advertisement for clinics and specialists in the field. It's augmented and influenced over patients, allowing them a better understanding and review of what the procedure they'll undergo. 

How has social media influenced non-surgical cosmetic procedures? 

What we need to understand here is that non-surgical cosmetic procedures include a host of various products, services, and practices. For most of it, Dr Salas and his professional team have been using social media as a tool to garner more clients and create a retainer program for satisfied patients. 

Coined as the "social media clinic" by Dr Salas, this movement is better understood by young professionals in the field, and the use of social media to educate and convey the authenticity of their procedures. 

People are more complacent when they can see the immediate results, while also having enough valuable knowledge to make a well-informed decision. For Enfry Clinic they encourage patients, those who are willing, to feature on their social media clinic. This is a 100% real and original view of what patients can expect from Dr Salas and his team of professionals.  

What treatments are treatments that will remain timeless? 

Yes, social media can rapidly create fandom around new trends, and this is easily said for most industries. But comparing that to cosmetic surgery, some treatments will remain timeless throughout the existence of the sector. For Dr Salas, he explains it as having and using more natural products and fillers. Looking more natural is probably something most people are after. Whether it be skin or lips, having that natural look after undergoing a non-surgical cosmetic treatment makes it more timeless, a philosophy the Enfry Clinic lives by. 

Dr Enfry Salas uses his professional skill, with modern thinking to create a platform that invites the eyes of the world to view and examine his work.