Last week, a Montana man was attacked by a grizzly bear and has passed on after suffering a "massive stroke" in hospital. 

On April 15, 40 years old Carl Mock, of West Yellowstone, was rushed to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center with "critical injuries" after being mauled by the bear just south of Hole Campground of Baker, about three miles north of West Yellowstone.

Grizzly Bear
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GoFundMe Page

Information about his death was confirmed through an update on a page - GoFundMe created last week to raise money for his medical treatment that was ongoing.

The campaign was launched by West Yellowstone resident Keith Johnson. Mock needed multiple surgeries and would likely go through a "long recovery," however the update that was posted on April 17, said he had died since.

"We would like to let you know that early this morning Carl suffered a massive stroke and unfortunately, he didn't make it. This comes as a very terrible shock and is painful to everyone since his surgeries went so well," The GoFundMe post read. The fund had raised over $24,000 of a $30,000 goal from 297 donors as of April 19.

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The Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (FWP)  

The money gotten would be given to his family so it will be used to pay for his medical bills and funeral costs, Johnson wrote in the update. "We are thankful for the continued support from this community that assisted in easing these financial burdens for Carl's family," he added.

Previously, The Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (FWP) made the confirmation in a statement that on Friday last week a grizzly bear was shot and killed - the day after the maul - as personnel investigated the location of the incident, which was restricted to the public.The agency said Carl was believed to have possessed bear spray at the time of the incident but it was unknown if he even got an opportunity to use it on the bear.

Grizzly Bear
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Adult Male Grizzly Bear Killed

The FWP revealed seven investigators who were deployed to the scene of the attack had an encounter with a bear before getting to the area, despite making "constant noise," both yelling, trying to "haze" the animal - the process of attempting to scare the animal off.

The FWP said: "In spite of various attempts by all seven people to scare off the bear, it kept charging. The bear was shot and died around 20 yards from the group because of this immediate safety risk. The bear was a grown-up male grizzly," Investigators discovered a moose carcass close to the 50 yards of the attack, which implies that the bear was probably securing a food source when the attack happened, the agency noted.

The GoFundMe campaign page gave a description of the victim as being a "hard-working guy with a smile that was infectious" and a person that has a "passion for outdoors, fishing, hiking, and photography." 

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