10 Spots Nature Explorers Must Experience in their Lifetime

(Photo : 10 Spots Nature Explorers Must Experience in their Lifetime)

Do you want a break from the bustling city life? Nowadays, everyone is finding opportunities to disconnect from the virtual sphere and escape into nature. Officially, there might be only seven wonders of the world, but there are plenty of breathtaking sights worth exploring. From the gushing waters of Niagara Falls to Bolivia's beautiful landscapes, you can find many hidden pockets of nature all around the world. 

Similarly, if you have the thrill to explore mountainous regions worldwide, pay a visit to Tennessee or Switzerland. You will witness snowy peaks, astounding views, and chilly weather, helping you relax and unwind. Besides this, you can also go for a wildfire adventure and spend some days with golden monkeys and gorillas. If you are ready to escape the daily hustle, start planning for your trip. Here is a bucket list of ten magnificent nature spots everyone should experience in their life. 

1. Niagara Falls, Canada 

Undeniably, Niagara Falls continues to intrigue people from all across the world. It combines three waterfalls from different regions, making it the hub of sightseeing and recreational area. You can book a cruise trip from Canadian Docks past the American falls to observe a waterfall from 150 feet below. It would take you to a series of tunnels, opening your view to the mind-blowing wall of water rolling down from the top. Believe it or not, it would be a sight that will imprint in your memory forever. 

2. Smoky Mountains, Tennessee 

The Smoky Mountains have become one of the most popular tourist spots of all time. It has 850 miles of trails, which means you can explore the park on foot and see the mountains' natural beauty up close. However, if you wish to sit back and cherish the view, look for Smoky Mountain cabins since they offer scenic views. You will catch sight of gorgeous waterfalls and mountains right from the comfort of your room. Besides, you can also go on a scenic drive in the smokies. The Cades Cove Loop road offers views of wildlife, historic structures, and much more. 

3. Blue lagoon, Iceland 

Undoubtedly, Iceland is a beautiful place, but Blue Lagoon is something exceptional. It is more like a geothermal spa with incredible scenery and bright, blue-colored water. Hence, you can soak away the day in thermal pools and explore steam and relaxation rooms after dawn. There are also a couple of unique dining options which tourists can try during their stay. You can have fantastic seafood at the LAVA restaurant or devour delicious dessert options. Additionally, this place offers soothing water massages, saunas, and facials, making it an ideal relaxation spot. 

4. Pamuk Kale, Turkey 

The Pamuk Kale lake is becoming a famous travel destination amongst tourists. Its jewel blue waters and snow-white cliffs make the lake look like a frozen landscape. You will also find dramatic travertine dotted all around the globe, from China to Afghanistan. The tourists can even bathe in these thermal pools since they are full of warm, rich mineral water. Since the place is pretty crowded during the holiday seasons, consider traveling in winters on weekdays. It might be cold and even snowy, but the experience will be worth every penny. 

5. Cape Point, South Africa

South Africa is one of the best travel destinations for nature lovers. The hiking trails of Cape Town and endless fields of wildflowers in Namaqualand make it the best vacation spot. Apart from this, this place has some incredible diving spots, making it an ideal choice if you love water sports. Remember to plan your trip around spring to experience the most exotic views. 

6. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam 

It is indeed a majestic place made up of almost 2,000 limestone islands. The terrain of Ha Long Bay encompasses mountains, sea valleys, and different cliff islands. It creates scenic contrasts of rock, water, and the sky. Also, this place has thousands of limestone towers and caves open to visitors. Besides, Ha Long Bay has white sand and turquoise sea beaches with a cool breeze, perfect for a beach vacation. Do you know the best part? Most beaches are untouched; meaning, there won't be a lot of crowd or pollution. 

7. Rainbow Falls, Hawaii 

Aloha! Although Hawaii has countless landscapes and excursions, Rainbow Falls remains the ultimate tourist spot. It is a massive waterfall in the Wailuku riven, located within the Hilo town. You can see rainbows while standing with your back towards the sun because water droplets' reflection creates a rainbow. In addition to the breathtaking views, you can also hike to the top of rainbow falls. You will witness lush vegetation, giant banyan trees, an astounding view of the Rainbow Falls. 

8. Skeleton Coast, Namibia 

Skeleton Coast is the spot where 'dunes meet the ocean.' The sapphire South Atlantic Ocean meets Namibia's endless deserts at this Coast, making it one of the most attractive tourist destinations. It is on the Southwestern coast of Africa with a dramatic six-mile-long lagoon and more than 30,000 square miles of desert. You will experience scorching weather during the day and chilly nights. Additionally, this place has some of the clearest skies in the entire world, and many people even call it the stargazer's paradise. Hence, if you have a telescope, make sure to pack it. 

9. Lake Abraham, Canada

When people head over to a lake, they think of open water, swimming, and boating. Well, things will be different if you take a trip to Abraham Lake. During winters, the lakebed releases methane gas that captures the freezing water in layers, creating bubbles. In addition to capturing Instagram-worthy pictures of the ice bubble, you can explore Cline River's icefalls. 

10. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia 

Bolivia has the world's largest salt flat, an incredible sight to behold. You will experience the richness of natural beauty and diverse landscapes. From barren stretches across the salt flats, red lagoons to volcanic panoramas, you will catch a glimpse of various natural landscapes. In the rainy season, rainwater creates a mirror-like surface as smooth as glass. Salar De Uyuni is also famous for magnificent flamingos, offering tourists a tour of wildlife spotting.  

Final words

Vacations can be super relaxing when you are immersing yourself in nature. After all, the sight of rolling hills and gushing waterfalls over busy streets and shops is soothing for the human brain. You can feel the delight of taking in scenic views from mountain tops. Likewise, you can go snorkeling to discover underwater life. Unsurprisingly, everyone enjoys the rare moments of nature in the flesh.