5 Reasons Pets are Important to Us

(Photo : 5 Reasons Pets are Important to Us)

Pets have been important family members for many people for hundreds of years. From goldfish to hamsters to dogs to horses, pets give their owners different reasons to love and cherish them. Here are 5 reasons pets are important to us.

We Love to Look at Them

Our pets give us joy and happiness when we look at their cute faces or big puppy eyes. Watching them play can make us laugh - especially if we have a goofball dog who loves chasing his tail or making snow angels on a winter's day.

Some pets are creatures of great physical beauty, such as cats with elaborate markings on their silky coats. Everyone loves to look at something beautiful - it makes us feel warm and full of awe. Some cat owners feel the need to shower their pet with gifts to show them how much their beauty is appreciated. Others love to adorn their homes with tributes to their furry friend - maybe you could do the same and buy some lovely art for your favorite cat!

They Keep us Company

Pets are great companions. They give us unconditional love and listen to our problems, opinions, and issues, and don't criticize us in any way. We never feel alone when they are near us, and pets such as dogs can make us feel safe and protected from danger if we are distant from human company. People living alone, especially older people, can benefit from having the company of a pet. Caring for a pet has been shown to reduce stress, cases of dementia and improve physical health.

They Keep Us Fit

Pets such as dogs, horses, and ponies need daily exercise, so our pets keep us fit and healthy as we need to take them out in the fresh air come rain or shine. They make us get out and get physical on days we would probably rather sit on the couch. A walk with a dog will strengthen our bones and muscles and improve our cardiovascular health. Riding is a great exercise and can strengthen our core and improve balance.

They Help Us Meet New People

Taking pets out for walks can help you meet new friends as people will stop to talk to and admire your pet. Your pet may play with other people's pets, and this may become a regular occurrence. 

If you enter your pet into shows, you will meet people with similar pets and interests and find that you strike up friendships by attending these events regularly. If you are keen to meet more pet enthusiasts, have a look online for suitable groups in your local area.

They Make Us Feel Needed

Caring for a pet can make us feel worthy and needed. Perhaps you have yearned to have children but haven't had this wish fulfilled. Pets can fill a hole in your heart, and caring a looking after an animal as if it was part of the family can help satisfy a need to nurture.