Razer has amassed a fan base of over 100 million players. And, all those gaming consumes a lot of resources. As a result, the organization is unveiling a 10-year sustainability plan that will make its operations more environmentally friendly.

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#GoGreenWithRazer Campaign

The gaming lifestyle company has launched the #GoGreenWithRazer campaign, which aims to conserve biodiversity and protect the environment and leave future generations with a healthier, greener climate.


Sustainable Goals

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According to CEO Min-Liang Tan, current targets include using 100 percent green energy by 2025, using recycled or recyclable content in all goods by 2030, and becoming carbon neutral by 2030. Razer is now mobilizing the population - teens, millennials, and Generation Z - to make a difference through various green projects as part of this campaign. This involves recycling and becoming conscious of the company's environmental impact.

Tan believes that understanding the industry's effect on the atmosphere is critical and that it is at the heart of Razer's plan to combat environmental and climate change.

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By 2030, Razer hopes to have eliminated single-use plastics from both of its offices, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preserving bio-habitats, and being carbon neutral. According to the group, when minimizing and renewing isn't an alternative, Razer aims to preserve the landscape by investing in forestry and other low-impact initiatives.

On-going Initiatives

Razer's European headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, is now operated by green energies, and the upcoming Razer Southeast Asia headquarters in Singapore, which will open soon, will be as well. Both corporate offices will be run entirely by clean energies by 2025.

Supply Production

Razer's hardware division accounts for the bulk of its revenue, and the company claims it would reduce manufacturing's environmental effects.

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By the year 2025, Razer will guarantee that all of its materials are recyclable. Which covers all consumers and national manufacturers' storage and recycling of Razer materials. Customers are encouraged to recycle their old Razer peripherals for free at any RazerStore around the world.

Collaborative Efforts

The company has recently set a new goal to preserve a million trees by selling Sneki Snek mascot plushies and eco-friendly merchandise due to its collaboration with Conservation International. Razer will reveal a new piece of Sneki Snek merchandise at the 250,000 trees level to galvanize fan interest. According to the brand, every piece of Sneki Snek merchandise sold would help to save ten trees.

Conservation International is working with Razer to conserve trees in hundreds of forests around the world, including Costa Rica, Ecuador, Suriname, Brazil, Madagascar, and Indonesia, to name a few. According to Razer, it has now rescued about 170,000 trees.

Razer will also activate zVentures, the company's corporate investment arm, to help green startups expand. Tan formed Razer in 2005 in Irvine, California, and Singapore. There are 17 offices in the corporation.

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