Understanding the Research Behind AHCC

(Photo : Understanding the Research Behind AHCC)

AHCC is a miraculous potential product extracted from a mushroom called Lentinula edodes, commonly known as Shiitake mushroom. This extract from a common fungi species has tremendous immune benefits. It has been used to treat immune deficiencies by increasing the activity, performance, and number of immune cells. It provides certain other services like reducing chemotherapy's effects in cancer suffering patients and enabling cancer patients to fight off their disease.

How is it produced?

Through AHCC research, it has been found that biotechnology has played a considerable part in its development. Around 20 years ago, researchers in Tokyo studied many different mushroom species to find the most powerful out of all with the potential of increasing natural killer cell activity. They discovered a sub-specie which they knew was potent enough for this purpose. Found in 1987, then preserved due to its numerous health benefits. The reason for preservation was to make sure that the quality of extract is never lost. 

Since then, Amino Up Chemical Company has produced this compound through the process of cell culture. In this method, a few cells from the mother culture (original extract) are taken, and they are allowed to multiply under specific conditions on a Petri dish. It is then transferred to large bioreactors, where vast quantities of it are produced for commercial purposes.

Biotechnological methods allowed researchers to:

  • Protect the original culture.
  • Reduce its molecular weight that increases its absorption ability.
  • Produce it in large amounts for usage.

How does ahcc work?

The body of an individual, either sick or healthy, has two types of immune systems inside. These types include innate immunity and adaptive immunity. When there is a random attack or threat a body is facing, innate immunity helps launch an immediate response and attack against it to protect the body from damage.

Adaptive immunity, on the other hand, is specific but is slow in the process. Once in action, it produces a long-lasting response against a particular microbe (whether viral or bacterial).

These two types of immunities have different units or specialized cells. Innate includes:

1.              Cytokines

2.              Natural killer cells

3.              Macrophages

4.              Dendritic cells

Adaptive immunity includes:

1.              B cells

2.              T cells

Ahcc's research shows that it can positively alter our innate and adaptive immunity types.

Benefits of ahcc proven through research:

It allows a person to:

  • Prevent the onset of infections
  • Fight off a virus more vigorously
  • Fight off bacterial infections
  • Fight against the body's auto-immune attack
  • Fight against cancer and tumours
  • Inflammation
  • Helps to withstand ailments such as hepatitis and diabetes.
  • Helps in managing the viral load of HIV positive patients
  • Helps in reducing symptoms of flu
  • Helps in reducing the severity of chemotherapy effects
  • Provides energy for the body due to Saccharides (sugar molecules) which also have positive immune effects.


Ahcc's research has shown that an extract of Shiitake mushroom can provide many immune-related health benefits. These benefits apply to healthy individuals who want to increase their immune systems' efficiency. But this compound is also beneficial in fighting off acute and chronic diseases as well.

It helps patients with diabetes, hepatitis, and cancer to withstand the symptoms to improve their life quality. It helps fight off uncomplicated infections like flu and reduces cancer and tumor propagation in people living with cancer. People facing auto-immune disorders and cancer patients going through chemotherapy can reduce the side effects of it by using this compound. It helps in providing a better quality of life for people with weakened immune systems.