How to Have a Luxury Trip to Canada in Style

(Photo : How to Have a Luxury Trip to Canada in Style)

When it comes to luxury trips and style, most people think of the places we so often see glamorized on television - places such as New York, Las Vegas, London and Paris. But the truth is that there are a lot of other places out there that can be equally as rewarding in terms of luxury and style. One of these places is Canada. Going on a trip to Canada can be just as relaxing and indulging as anywhere else in the world, and you're sure to come home feeling inspired, with loads of new, stylish ideas to implement in your art, interior design, and any other creative outlets. 

Luxury accommodation

When it comes to accommodation in Canada, you're spoilt for choice. While many people enjoy camping in Canada's beautiful nature, that doesn't exactly scream luxury to us. Luckily, there are various other options. If you do want to enjoy all that nature has to offer but still want to be comfortable, a log cabin is the way to go. Canada also has various resorts and hotels that you can call home. However, if you're looking for luxury, comfort, and style, we recommend you go with a furnished apartment, such as offered by DelSuites.

Travel in style

We've all heard how people always say it's about the journey, not the destination. Why can't it be about both? Depending on where you're traveling from, you may very likely spend many hours traveling to Canada. Why waste these hours when you can make them part of your sophisticated getaway? Instead of seeing your travel as something you have to do, see it as an opportunity to extend your trip. You may want to pay a little bit extra if it means luxury travel. Trust us - it's worth it. If you're still not convinced, check out these artsy plane interiors.


We're not just talking about going out for dinner while on your trip - although you definitely should consider it, as Canada has some amazing hidden gems. No, when you're on a luxury holiday, every meal should be had in style. Even if you're not going out to town for dinner, you can still make your meal a classy one, especially if you have a romantic partner joining you on your trip. Order room service and set up a romantic dinner table. This is such an easy way to make your trip memorable. 


Of course, when you're on a trip, you're going to want to go sightseeing. But instead of just going to the locations and grabbing a few average snapshots, you should try to see this as an opportunity to bring a piece of Canada home with you. Take some awe-inspiring, artsy photographs that you can frame and hang on your walls back home. You can learn more about beginner photography tips here. If you don't want this stylish lifestyle to end with your trip, you can always extend it by using sightseeing as the perfect opportunity to do some shopping for souvenirs you can place around your home.