Traveling With Dual Passports - Rules, Places to Visit, And More

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Oh, finally, you own your Italian passport. Congratulations! But what about the situation where you're planning a vacation? Do you know how to use your dual passports? Put simply. You are allowed to live, work, study without any restrictions in the EU. 

But what about exploring the place or traveling? With an Italian passport, you can use the eGates to pass through immigration, thereby saving you time. This is especially beneficial during bust tourist seasons. 

Note- Keep Track of Expiration Dates

It's quite obvious you might be feeling a bit relaxed with your passport's 10-year validity. But what if it's not effectively valid for the said time? It's because your passport must at least have a 6 months validity after your returning date, so ideally, the validity is effective for nine and a half years instead. 

So, make sure to proceed cautiously, keeping this in mind. Now let's move on to other rules that you must be aware of. 

In What Situations Using Italian Passport Would be Beneficial?

With an Italian passport, you get unrestricted access to various European Union countries. Even American citizens who get qualified assistance on Italian Citizenship and get Italian citizenship get access to all the benefits that Italian citizens often enjoy. Another thing is that all these benefits extend not only to the EU but also to EEA, Swiss zones. 

And if you plan to stay for more than 90 days, using an Italian passport will help you navigate the potential questions about why you are staying for a longer time. So, who's up for a long vacation after a tiring time? 

Did you know that by the end of 2022 or starting 2023, American citizens will need electronic permission to travel or enter the Schengen zone via ETIAS? With an Italian passport, you can ignore such restrictions. 

Also, you'll get access to some additional benefits, such as an entry without the need of any visa in some countries, such as Austria, Greece, Norway, Belgium, Ireland, Iceland, Switzerland, and so on. It will help you save dollars you had to pay if you entered as a citizen of America. 

Isn't that great? 

That's not all! 

Learn About The Basic Rules of Dual Passport Travel

Unlike what many think, airlines do care about looking at the passport that helps you go where you're going. Again, the same rules apply to immigration authorities as well. They care about the passport that authorizes you to travel to a place. 

Note- Never show two passports to the immigration authorities. Do this only when you are asked. For example, if there is no entry in your Italian passport and asked about "where are you coming from?" answer, United States. In such a case, use your US passport. 

So, all set to purchase tickets? 

If you wish to travel to a place that falls under the EU, EEA, or Schengen Zone, always use an Italian passport. But there are some exceptions to this rule as well.

When to Use The US Passport? 

  • In case you are not using the same maiden name as that in your US passport, book a ticket using a US passport. But make sure it is added to your Italian passport. This will help you navigate the check-in issues. 

  • If your flights lead you to the European nation through Canada. In such a case, you should use your US passport to avoid an eTA to Canada. 

Now that you are aware of the basic rules of traveling, what next? 

  • Have you decided on your location? 

  • Do you know the best places to visit in the European Union?

If not, let's help you with that as well!

Rome, Italy 

Since you are already here, why miss out on the city of seven hills. Visitors are completely mesmerized by this magical land. Whether it's the mystery of the Vatican City or the spooky Colosseum, Rome is surely a place to visit. 

Not only that, but it is also known for historical sculptures or structures, such as Pantheon. If you are an art lover, you have Vatican Museums to look at. And foodies can enjoy the splendid Italian Fare. 

Paris, France

This city, also known as the City of Light, attracts millions of tourists. The divine cuisine and amazing art collections draw the most attention. And who can miss those centuries-old churches, blocks of Rococo, and the gentle River Seine? 

You will be completely mesmerized by the atmosphere and fashion of this city. And who can forget the world-renowned Eiffel Tower and a day trip to Versailles Palace? 

Barcelona, Spain

If you are up for some history and a widely bizarre place, this is the right place for you. You can go for scenic trails or have some alone time with your partner to the romantic getaway at Barri Gotic. Not only that, you can have some fun time at the beachside nightclubs. 

And if you have a week, you won't feel bored for a single moment. You will find bustling beaches or the narrow streets or look for some masterpieces. In short, this place caters to different types of people. 

Malmo, Sweden

If you are interested in visiting a location that's a perfect blend of old and new, perhaps Malmo must be your city of choice. It is filled with landscapes that are modern and contemporary. You can find the castle, Malmohus Slott. With more than 150 ethnicities, you can enjoy a multicultural ambiance in this place. Isn't that amazing? 


With so much happening last year, everyone is taking the escape route to do what they always wished for. Traveling to their favorite places is sure #1 right now. However, if you have a dual passport, you must understand the rules before deciding on the final destination. 

Also, make sure you choose a place that helps you safeguard from the current Covid concerns. Keep all the first aid precautions handy and other essentials to have an amazing time traveling to some of the most exotic places. 

Are you ready to have a great vacation? If not, what's stopping you now? Think right away!

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