Maintaining the Foundation of Your Home

(Photo : Maintaining the Foundation of Your Home)

Foundation problems can cause damage to your yard and the interior of your home. You can prevent foundation issues by maintaining your home well. Take the time to learn about the aspects of your home that affect foundation health. The soil around a house settles naturally over time. Large trees and poor maintenance, however, can disrupt the soil prematurely. Pay attention to changes in your home, such as cracks and doors that stick.  With timely repairs and routine inspections, you can prevent major foundation issues and keep your home beautiful. 

Timely Repairs

If you notice problems with your home, seek a professional for repairs quickly. You can prevent further problems by working with an Alabama foundation repair company. Get a repair evaluation if you notice cracks in your walls, uneven floors, or standing water outside your home. If you wait too long to get a repair, your foundation problems can progress. You may end up with major damage to your home. 


When you plan landscaping for a new home, talk to a professional about the best plants for your soil type. You should plant trees at least 15 feet away from your house, as well. Roots from trees and other plants can cause problems with your foundation. Choose plants that work well with your soil and climate, as well. Be sure the home also has proper grading so water drains away from the home. Sprinkler systems can help you keep your soil and plants healthy. You can set the timer to water your yard so it gets done right every day. 

Yard Maintenance

Since your foundation depends on the soil for support, yard maintenance remains one of the best ways to protect your foundation. Learn about your plants and trees so you can care for them properly. Foundation problems often happen when the soil stays too wet or dry. Make sure you have proper drainage, as well. Keep your gutters clean and use extenders to redirect water, if necessary. 

Routine Inspections

If you notice damage to your home, such as cracks in the wall, schedule a foundation inspection immediately. If you wait too long, the cracks may become larger. You may also notice sticking doors. It can help to have a complete inspection of your home every five years. This gives you a chance to find a variety of problems, including foundation, electrical, and plumbing complications. A routine inspection helps you find damage in the early stages, preventing severe issues and expensive repairs. 

You can often prevent major foundation damage by maintaining your property well. Get routine inspections to find problems before they become severe. When you repair small foundation problems,  you may not need large, expensive repairs later.  You can also have a professional landscaper set up your yard so that it does not disrupt your foundation. Maintain your yard properly by watering your plants and ensuring good drainage. You can enjoy a healthy foundation for many years when you learn to maintain your property.