Calmerry - An Affordable Online Therapy Platform for You

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Feeling overwhelmed constantly? Need to find emotional support to get a grasp on your life? The Calmerry platform can help you - read on to learn more.

A Convenient Therapy Online Platform in 2021

Online therapy has been recently on a steady rise in popularity. More and more people are turning to it as their main source of maintaining their mental health. Of course, this trend isn't surprising at all due to all the events people passed through in 2020.

The previous year has shown that all of us require therapy one way or another. We live in a highly stressful time and face numerous professional, family, and existential issues daily. With the conveniences that online therapy gives, it was an obvious choice during the mass coronavirus quarantine.

One of the most prominent mental health services in 2020 turned out to be the Calmerry platform.During the craziness of 2020, Clamerry was a pleasant constant in the lives of many, helping and supporting them.

We've decided to take an in-depth look at the Calmerry and find out just how good it really is.

What's the Calmerry Platform Exactly?

The Calmerry service is an affordable online therapy platform where you can get help from a licensed therapist. If you've been recently feeling not your best, constantly returning to negative thoughts, then it's the place for you.

It's a safe space where you can talk about what's bothering you, not being afraid to express yourself. One of the best aspects of the Calmerryis that the therapy sessions happen online. It means that during a session with a therapist, you don't have the additional layer of awkwardness when talking about yourself.

Before delving into the specific aspects of the Calmerry platform, let's go over the main advantages and disadvantages of this service.

The advantages are as follows:

  • a convenient and swift matching system
  • one of the most affordable online therapy services
  • a vast pool of licensed, experienced therapists
  • high level of security and customer confidentiality
  • the process of changing one's therapist is simple and free
  • multiple subscription plans to fit one's needs and budget
  • comfortable UI on all platforms, both desktop, tab, and mobile.

Although there's only a single disadvantage, it still deserves mentioning:

  • doesn't have an extensive background on the market.

Calmerry Platform - Possibly the Best e-Therapy Service

Having so many advantages and just one disadvantage, thisservice seems like an obvious choice for online counseling. Yes, it's a young company. However, considering the countless positive reviews online, this point seems irrelevant. Calmerry proves to be a reliable and trustworthy online therapy service.

Why Pick the Calmerry Platform Over In-Person Therapy?

As it has been proven, online therapy has many benefits and conveniences that in-person therapy simply can't offer.

Let's quickly go over why it's almost always a better idea to try out such a service likeCalmerry first:

  • you can choose the method of communication with your therapist
  • there's no difference in treating effectiveness whether online or offline
  • it's possible to take therapeutic sessions from just about anywhere
  • you can easily involve other people in online therapy that are nearby
  • no problems with scheduling an appointment - help is available when you need it
  • online therapy prices are much (!) more affordable than traditional, in-person help.

That said, of course, online counseling isn't suitable for everybody. If you've found out that you need someone helping you in real-life, then go for traditional therapy.

It's Incredibly Easy to Get Started on the Calmerry Platform

One of the advantages you'll notice is the incredibly simple sign-up process. It's very easy to get started and get the online counseling you need.

This is how the process looks:

Step 1.The Initial Assessment

After you sign up, you have to pass the survey. This to create a profile for you and find the most suitable therapist later on.

Step 2. Choosing a Plan

After the assessment, you must pick the best plan that suits your needs and budget. It'll determine how you'll be receiving online therapy on the platform. As you choose something, you'll be matched with a corresponding therapist specializing in the issues you specified.

Step 3. Starting Online Therapy

You can immediately start getting help on the Calmerry. If it turns out that your therapist doesn't suit you, then you can easily ask for a switch.

The Therapists Giving Low Cost Counseling

Another great feature is the extensive pool of fully-licensed therapists helping you. This aspect makes them more available to clients, as well as eases the professional rematching process.

On the platform, you can take online therapy from a wide variety of counselors.

Here's a reduced list outlining the main categories of therapists available there:

  • addiction therapists
  • eating disorder therapists
  • relationships and family therapists
  • anxiety therapists
  • depression therapists, etc.

Only Licensed Online Counseling from Calmerry

One thing you can definitely be sure of when using the Calmerry platform is that you're being treated by licensed professionals. You may have many doubts about receiving e-therapy because you don't know who you are matched with.

On the Calmerry, you'll find only experienced and licensed therapists. All of them have either a Master's or a Doctorate in their respective fields. To ensure top-quality therapy, the company goes out of its way to check its employees' backgrounds.

Of course, that's what the Calmerry platform claims. But how can you be sure of the authenticity of their credentials?

The service addresses this point directly and smartly. The therapists must share their licenses,certificates, and intake documents. This way, you get mental health help and support from a real professional.

Low Cost Therapy - As It Should Be

Yes, we've mentioned that online therapy is much more affordable than traditional counseling. However, we haven't talked about just how accessible help on Calmerry is. They have one of the most affordable packages on the market - just the way e-therapy should be.

Prices for online therapy on the Calmerrystart at only $53. Of course, the price depends on the number of video sessions with your therapists. However, even the cheapest plan allows for unlimited text messaging with your therapist. This way, you get an outstanding amount of help from a professional, no matter what.

Therapy Journey Start - A Calmerry Offering

One aspect of the Calmerry platform is that they don't have any kind of a free trial. However, most such services don't provide potential clients with free trials.

Instead, you can choose a Therapy Journey Start plan, which is the cheapest and only lasts a month. It lets you figure out whether e-therapy is for you.

Conclusion - Best Affordable Online Counseling

Calmerry is a great option for counseling out there on the market. It's an overall good company that offers a decent level of services. You can search through their site and see for yourself how reliable their support is.

If you'd like to check what other people say about the Calmerry after receiving counseling, then go to their website or read other reviews. There, you'll find numerous positive reviews from the service's clients, talking about how it helped them deal with issues.

All in all, e-therapy is a convenient and easy way to get help with all the worries, negative thoughts and behavioral patterns, mental health issues. Try it and start your journey to a fulfilling life!