Travel By Car in the Forest - What to Do in an Emergency?

(Photo : Travel By Car in the Forest - What to Do in an Emergency?)

You are a nature lover. Every year you go on a trip and take a beautiful journey through nature. You travel by car to your destination and have your bicycle with you to cycle through the beautiful nature. Unfortunately, it can also go wrong during your trip. This can happen on the way there, for example in a car accident. For example, you may become involved in a chain collision (Dutch: kettingbotsing). The question is then what damage you can recover and who is liable for your personal injury. It can also go wrong during one of your cycling tours and you can be hit as a cyclist (Dutch: fietser aangereden). This often involves serious injury because it is a hard hit. Again, the question is which personal injury claim is eligible for compensation and who pays for your personal injury claim.

Personal injury from a car accident 

If you have a traffic accident during a nature trip, your trip to your nature destination is immediately over. Instead of enjoying nature such as the beautiful forests, beaches and the sea, you are in hospital with injuries with complaints. 

If you are hit in a car accident, for example in a pile-up collision, there is a liable party. This is often the owner of the car that was driven behind you. This person must then pay for your personal injury. 

In many countries, motor vehicles are compulsorily insured against liability for personal injury. You may then be able to immediately claim the personal injury insurance of the liable party for your personal injury. 

Did the accident happen to you on the way out of your nature trip? Then the travel sum must be reimbursed. But this is not all. All personal injury resulting from the traffic accident is eligible for compensation. This concerns loss of income, medical costs and travel costs. In addition, there is a right to grief money. This is compensation for the pain and grief you suffered as a result of the accident.

Personal injury due to a bicycle accident 

A traffic accident can also happen in nature, for example because you are hit by a car on a bicycle. If there is an injury due to the accident, your nature holiday is immediately over. You may even need to be admitted to hospital. For example, were you hit by bicycle in the woods? Then you are entitled to compensation for personal injury. If you were hit by a car, you can sometimes immediately contact the insurer of the car. You can also hold the owner or driver of the car liable. All costs you incur must be reimbursed, including the costs you incurred for the remaining trip, as well as the travel costs and medical costs. Are you incapacitated for work due to the cycling accident? Then you can also recover your loss of income from the liable party.