Mitchell Robinson vs Kangaroo

(Photo : Screenshot from: 7 News Australia YouTube Channel)

The last thing one would think of experiencing on a Christmas day is to be knocked down by a wild Kangaroo, or any Kangaroo in that matter. However, this unexpected situation was the exact thing that happened to Australian man Mitchell Robinson.

Christmas Day Boxing Match

(Photo : Photo by David Maunsell)

A video of a kangaroo punching a father as he tried to defend his family from the wild animal in South West Rocks, Australia, went viral hours after it was posted. The incident between the man and the marsupial was recorded on video by the Robinson family's friend Tina Grace Rowe.

The wild Roo was digging holes and loitering around Robinson's front yard. When he tried to shoo it away, the animal became aggressive. In the video, Robinson was seen picking something up to try and scare the animal away. However, when he threw the object towards it, the massive Kangaroo was already charging towards him.

He was punched in the face by the huge animal knocking him over. When Robinson was down. the Roo decided to hop away from him and the property.

Fortunately for him, the Kangaroo left before it can cause severe damages. Aside from his already broken hand, one he got before his stand-off against the marsupial, Robinson escaped relatively well and got nothing other than a few scratches and minor bruises.

Kangaroo Encounters

Encounters with Kangaroos are not uncommon in Australia, like the famous "Man VS Kangaroo" video that went viral back then. It featured a man going blow-by-blow against another Kangaroo to defend his dog against the bigger and stronger marsupial.

However, these situations commonly happen in the outskirts near forests where the Roos usually live. Due to the destruction of their habitats, the large marsupials are forced to find new places to live. The most common relocation areas for these animals are urban housing areas near the places they used to live.

In the case of Robinson and the other residents of New South Rocks, the spread of Kangaroos in their area was caused by bushfires. The natural disaster made the animals look for food and shelter in new locations after the fire consumed and destroyed their natural habitats.

Are all Kangaroos aggressive?

Despite their bulky physique, one that looks like it would enjoy a round or two in a boxing ring, Kangaroos are relatively harmless. As a matter of fact, most of them don't attack humans unless provoked. However, due to their habitats' current status, or the lack thereof, and the scarcity of food, these hulking marsupials are prone to anger and aggression. It would be best not to do anything that might provoke these creatures.

What can we do to protect the Kangaroos?

If the main reason for their aggression is a human provocation, respecting Roos by just letting the Kangaroos mind their own business would be the best course of action. But, as humans, we can do more than that. A plethora of NGOs are advocating for the conservation and preservation of these creatures. Supporting their cause would greatly help improve the living situation of these animals. If their natural habitats are restored, chances are they will go back to where they came from. If that happens, wild encounters between man and marsupials would significantly lessen.