3 Ways to Make Your Commute to Work Healthier

(Photo : 3 Ways to Make Your Commute to Work Healthier)

We all have to commute to work. While the luckier among us are spending minutes travelling to work, others have to spend hours before they get to their workplace.

While we can't control traffic and how long it's going to take us to get to work, we can control how we commute. In fact, we can use this time as an opportunity to make our lives better and make our bodies healthier.

So, how can you make your commute healthier? We're here to talk exactly about that-finding ways to make your commute a more productive time of the day. Now without spending any more time on the intro, we'd like to get straight into the topic of

Consider swapping your car with a bicycle and hitting the pedals instead of sitting in traffic.

One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to find ways to skip sitting in traffic. If your office is relatively close by, then try and opt for a bicycle.

But there's one drawback to all this. Bicycles can be pretty dangerous in the big cities. Let's take, for example, LA. If you commute to work via bike, then it may pay off to know a brain injury lawyer in Los Angeles. After all, bicycle accidents are the single biggest cause of brain injuries.

Hence, why if you decide to swap your car or commuting by bus with a bicycle you should always wear protective gear. And if the worst happens, make sure you remain calm during the whole ordeal just so you don't hurt yourself unintentionally.

If possible, try to walk more rather than opting out for travelling by car or bus.

But while bicycling is a great idea, it's a whole lot tiring to do first thing in the morning. In other words, you're more likely to get to work all stinky and sweaty, and we all know that stinky and sweaty isn't a good thing when you're at work.

So, try to walk a bit more. For example, don't skip the bus, but get off the bus three or four stop before your actual stop and walk the remaining distance.

That way you'll still use a form of transportation, but you'll also make sure you get in that slight workout by walking an extra mile or two a day.

If you have to commute by bus, car, or a train, make sure that your posture is straight.

Finally, while you may have to take a but to work, or go by car, you can make sure you're sitting straight in the seat.

Often, when we're commuting, we'll slouch our backs in the seat, maybe because we're tired, or just because you've been sitting for ten minutes in the same position.

But, if you make a slight adjustment in your sitting position, then you can definitely improve one part of your commute, namely your body posture.

While it's hard at first, once you start doing it long enough, it will become second nature, and you'll easily transition out of slouching without realizing.