5 Reasons to Make an Epic Voyage to the Arctic

(Photo : 5 Reasons to Make an Epic Voyage to the Arctic)

After a long and difficult year across the world, there is nothing better than letting the travel bug take hold to turn things around. Travel may be on pause at the moment but now is the perfect time to start planning your next epic adventure. Let your inner explorer lead the way by taking a once in a lifetime trip to the astonishing Arctic! For anyone needing a bit of convincing, these 5 reasons will make an Artic vacation move to the top of every travel list. 

1. Explore in Style on a Luxury Cruise 

Going to the Arctic does not mean staying in an igloo, but quite the opposite. Stay warm in a cold climate when you turn travel into a luxurious occasion by joining Quark Expeditions for an unforgettable Arctic cruise experience. With Quark Expeditions you can rest assured that your Arctic adventure is committed to environmentally responsible tourism for sustainable polar exploration. Choose from an array of expeditions to truly make the most of your arctic voyage. 

2. Witness the Beauty of Nature 

The stunning natural beauty of the Arctic will without a doubt take your breath away! Treat your eyes with views of glacier covered mountains and spectacular coastal fjords. There is nowhere else in the world to experience the endless mountains, magnificent tundra or towering granite cliffs of the Arctic. Anyone looking to break away from having eyes glued to screens will do so without a second thought after laying eyes on the spectacular natural beauty the Arctic has to offer. 

3. Observe Arctic Wildlife 

A trip to the Arctic is the only way to experience amazing wildlife in their natural elements. The beautiful mountains and ice make for the perfect backdrop as you have the opportunity to see majestic polar bears roaming freely, a herd of walruses hauling-out of the icy water to rest on the shore, beluga whales out for a swim, an adorable circus of puffins, a multitude of cliff-dwelling seabirds and so much more. Make sure to bring your camera with the best long-distance lens to capture the Arctics beautiful wildlife in action! 

4. See the Northern Lights

There is nothing quite like looking up to see colors dancing across the night sky. When you leave the lights of the city behind and make a trip to the open beauty of the Arctic, looking up at the night sky makes for an experience like no other. Arctic destinations like Greenland that are sparsely inhabited make for a perfect must visit location to try and catch a glimpse of the breath-taking northern lights. 

5. Experience Local Customs and Culture

Having the opportunity to experience different cultures is one of the most beautiful things travel has to offer. A voyage to the Arctic opens a new door to embrace the rich history and traditional cultures of the region. Retrace the steps of past explorers for a first-hand experience of the various linguistic, physiological and cultural differences of the diverse Arctic communities. Learn about exciting customs such as the pursuits of hunting and how shelters are made to sustain the substantial winter elements.