Preventing Damages While Loading a Moving Truck

(Photo : Preventing Damages While Loading a Moving Truck)

So, you have chosen to have a DIY move. Great choice as DIY moving allows you to save a lot of money and make the moving process affordable. But, do you know how to pack a moving truck? If not, you aren't alone. It is reported that most of the customers, who choose to hire a moving truck do not know how to load and pack it efficiently. There are a lot of factors to consider while packing a moving truck including the right placement of the furniture, ensuring optimum utilization of space and safe loading to avoid damage.

A leading online moving service platform, Moving Apt states that although engaging cheap moving companies is always the most recommended choice, knowing how to load and pack a moving truck proficiently can ensure a safe and affordable move. You must know effective ways to maximize the storage space and at the same time ensure that the weight is evenly distributed in the moving truck. To ensure you load your truck like a pro, we have prepared this guide with effective tips that are tried and tested.

Tips for packing a moving truck:

Know the right size of the moving truck:

First thing first, you must know the right size of moving truck you will need for the move. To estimate the size of the moving truck, you will have to make a moving inventory beforehand. Whether you are downsizing your belongings or moving them as it is, make sure every single item in your household is included in the moving inventory. As soon as you have a moving inventory, head to a credible rental truck service provider and engage a moving truck. There are a range of sizes and shapes of rental trucks available with the best companies. It is recommended to go through the rental truck size guidelines of the moving company to pick the best moving truck in the right size.

Have the right packing supplies:

Besides arranging packing supplies for your belongings, you must also have packing supplies for loading the moving truck. Some of the ley packing supplies that you will need include plastic/ cardboard boxes, plastic wraps, bubble wrap, moving dolly, covering blankets, furniture pads and wooden planks. You must have packed all the boxes very diligently to prevent damage, it is equally important to load them safely in the moving truck. Add moving blankets to fill the gap, load items on furniture pads and ensure to place wooden planks on top of fragile items.

Ask for help:

From professionals to family and friends, make sure you have a lot of people to help you load the moving truck. There are a range of heavy fragile and large sized items in your moving inventory which are impossible to maneuver alone. The more hands you have to help you out, the better and safely you can load your moving truck. Administering such tough moving jobs on your own not only exposes you to the risk of getting injured, but also elongates the moving process. If you have friends and family to help, you can minimize the truck rental time and save a significant amount of money.

Give priority to largest and heaviest items:

Yes, the best way to load a moving truck is loading the largest and heaviest items in the first go. Items like beds, tables, mattresses, washer, refrigerators, couches, chairs, dining table and more are considered as large and heavy items. The reason why they should be added first to the moving truck is that their weight and size is on the higher side of the scale which can crush the other items on the truck if added towards the end.

Load lightweight items towards the end:

As you load your truck with heavy items, and fill them tightly with rolled rugs and packing blankets, it is now turn to load the lightest items. Smaller furniture, appliances, mirrors, packed boxes and more are items that should be placed at the end of the moving truck, where the truck closes. As you must have packed all the boxes separately and labeled them, the loading will become easier as you know which box contains which item.

Maintain even weight:

It is really very important that you distribute the weight evenly. If you want your belongings to arrive safely in your new address, make sure the truck weighs even from the front to the back. Even weight can help you drive the truck smoothly, and avoid the boxes from falling all over the places. Place the heaviest item at the bottom of the truck and then add the medium weight boxes and finally the lightest of the boxes.

Use these tips and make sure you keep stress out of the moving process.  Moving to a new house is an exciting experience and no one wants to open a moving truck to find crushed, shattered and damaged items. Prevent any damage as you load a moving truck and enjoy your transition to your dream home.