Spring Home Decorating Trends Recommended by Agents

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Spring is the time for fresh starts and it's also typically a hot real estate season. Whether you are thinking about selling your home in the future, are keeping your house on the market during Covid-19, or simply want a fresh look for spring, agents from HomeLight are talking about trends that you might want to consider in their Top Agent Insights Survey for Q1 2020.

Selling a Home This Spring? Here's What 500 Top Real Estate Agents Say You Should Do

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Selling in Spring

While most of us are spending more time at home, that means we have more opportunities to make that home look its best with upgrades. 

Consider your colors

While bold colors and accent walls might have been on trend in the past, agents are noting that this trend may be on its way out, with 36 percent of agents saying it's declining. If you are in the mood to revamp your home's decor, you might instead be better off opting for neutral tones, as is preferred by 98 percent of buyers according to the survey. If you aren't sure which way to go, grey might be your best bet, as 79 percent of buyers in the survey said they prefer gray tones, instead of beiges (9 percent). No matter the color you decide to go with, a fresh coat of paint is always a good idea. 


Unless you are an organization master, decluttering might be at the bottom of your To-Do list, but purging a messy cabinet, and donating or recycling stacks of magazines, can be a useful way to spend an afternoon when you are forced to be inside. Decluttering is not only for closets, drawers, and cabinets, top agents recommend considering how furniture, bookcases, coffee tables, and other elements are laid out in your home, too, with 53 percent of agents in the survey noting that open space is a major design trend. Once you start decluttering, you may find that an entire room opens up, giving you more space to breathe and show off your home.

Consider curb appeal

The front of your home is its face to the world, and especially if you are selling your home during Covid-19, it's a key feature to pay extra attention to. If you haven't tended to the front of your yard since last spring or summer, now is the time to take it up a notch. Aside from trimming greenery, you can add color with container gardens, or for easy maintenance plants that are also on trend, you can go for succulents. If you are thinking about adding a pop of color to your planter boxes or yard, pick your colors wisely. White can evoke feelings of cool and calm, red can be exciting and energetic, and blue is a safe bet as it conveys trust.  

Let there be light

Have your windows seen better days? While replacing windows isn't the least expensive or easiest upgrade to make, if you are thinking about it, now is the time to at least research options. And if you do go for new windows and are planning to sell your home, agents say you could recoup 80 percent of the costs at resale, while 46 percent added that energy efficient windows could boost your home's value. 

With a few updates, you might be surprised about how your home transforms, which can be nice to help you appreciate spending more time at home. And if you are selling your home, these changes can have the added benefit of giving you a leg up on your competition.