Numerous stories are flying around about the horrors already wrought by climate change; you're probably struggling to stay up. 

The warnings are there for many years, but still, some deny it. So perhaps it is time to seem at how climate change affects you by wrecking a number of the items you're keen on.

1. Not the holiday you hoped for

We often pick holiday destinations with the climate in mind. Sadly,  climate change may even see your current goals unwelcoming, and perhaps also disappear entirely. 

But there's more to believe than your favorite beach resort being drowned, or the Great Barrier Reef decaying before you see it. However, we've to emphasize that "severe weather events cause significant risks to travelers." 

The warnings here range from travel disruption - such as delayed flights - thanks to the severe danger from getting caught in storms, floods, cyclones, and snowstorms. Only getting where you would like to travel could become an adventure alone, but not an exciting one.

2. Last chance to see some wildlife

There are more numerous situations of animals slumping to climate change, such as bats dying during heatwaves and the mass "cremations" of koalas in the Australian bush fires. The latest climate-related reports that animal extinctions are becoming as common as reports of politicians doing nothing about it.

3. History and heritage at risk

The City of Venice in Italy recently underwent its worst flooding since the mid-1960s, and the local mayor linked the situation with climate change. We see one of Europe's most well-known and unique towns and a World Heritage site devastated before our eyes, aside from the human calamity unfolding in the city.

Climate change looms more than 13,000 archaeological sites in North America alone if the ocean levels rise by 1 meter. That goes up to at least 30,000 locations in the world if sea levels increase by 5 meters.

UNESCO expressed their concern that climate change also threatens underwater heritage sites, such as shipwrecks and ruins. The rising salinity and warming waters, for example, increase ship-worm communities that destroy wooden wrecks in the Baltic sea.

4. Too hot for sport and exercise

Merely standing outside in some regions of the world would not only be less pleasant, but more harmful, causing more significant risk of heat stress doing any sport or exercise as temperatures warm. Walking to the bus stop would cause more considerable weight in the undertaking.

5. Home, sweet home

The recent fires in the United States and Australia unveil how drastic and damaging climate change might be to where you reside. Many houses have already consumed down in Australia this wildfire season.

Fires are becoming more frequent and more ferocious. It's not only challenging to fight fires when they happen; it's becoming harder to stop them as well.

Fires aren't the only threat to homes. All around the planet, more and more houses are being destroyed by rising seas and more wild storms, all thanks to climate change.

So what now?

It's simple to be sad. But it's better to be mad, to vary our tome. "Anger is energy," according to the English singer-songwriter John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten). So perhaps use this list as motivation to reflect, speak, and act. Use this list as fuel to create changes. There is no sugar-coating it: global climate change is wrecking the items we love - time to step it up a notch.