How to Get Tweaked Apps using AppValley on iOS

(Photo : How to Get Tweaked Apps using AppValley on iOS)

Almost everyone is having a smartphone and utilizing various types of mobile applications as per their needs. Having an iPhone is a dream for many of us and making use of mobile applications in the iPhone is a challenging one for each customer. This is because Apple iPhones are viewed as a symbol of Pride and Richness among the people. Even though they are expensive, still we try to buy iPhones. With such a huge investment in a mobile, we should feel complete satisfaction. But in most of the cases, we are not. This is because of the difficulties faced with application extension. The official iOS store has millions of apps for every category and for every purpose.

Based on the requirement, we can download any apps from the store and try to install it on our phone. But many of the apps that we require may be paid apps and could not be utilized to its full extent with the free version. Another disadvantage is that in the app store, we cannot crack versions of apps and hence we will jailbreak the mobile. In this article, we are going to see about AppValley, a third party used for tweaked apps and how to get tweaked apps using AppValley on iOS.


In general, AppValley is a mobile application installer with which we can download and install cracked versions of applications that we need in our iPhones. It can be commonly used for both iOS and Android devices but is very useful mostly in the case of devices. Simply, like this, there are many other applications like Cydia, TweakBox, iNoCydia, etc. are available for installing tweaked apps in iOS devices but are not that efficient like AppValley. This is because, with AppValley, we can completely avoid jailbreaking and nearly all the required apps can be found out which cannot be done with other applications. With AppValley, you can also get continuous updates for the Tweaked Applications installed on your iPhones. 

Features of AppValley

  • No Jailbreak - With AppValley, you can completely avoid the jailbreaking process and the cost associated with it. It will work on any iOS devices without jailbreaking.

  • Highly Secured - All the apps in AppValley library will be subjected to a series of security tests before enlisting them. Hence all the applications from this installer will be safe from any malware or virus and it is very safe to use in your devices.

  • Huge Database - AppValley has a huge database of a wide variety of apps and with the VIP membership, you can access and find the required app. Simply, it is a one-stop place for all your app needs.

  • Ease of Use - With the updated version of AppValley, you can enjoy a user-friendly interface in a clean and sleek manner.

  • Reliable - With the continuous updates and constant bug fixing by the app developers has made AppValley one of the reliable sources for your app requirements.

  • Constant Notifications - In case of any update available for the apps, you will automatically receive the notification, thereby excluding the need for checking manually for any updates.

  • Fast Installation - With AppValley, you can download and install apps much faster than the other installers, thanks to its high-speed download servers.

  • Free Download - Lastly, the most important advantage is that all the applications available are free of cost. You can download and install your desired app freely from AppValley which is a paid one official Apple Store.

Different Categories of Apps

Thanks to its huge database, you can find any type of apps required on AppValley installer. This is more famous especially for Gaming Applications and News where you can download and use all Best Free Games. Both the top free and top paid apps are available freely on AppValley. The applications in its library are categorized as follows:

  • iOS Apps - Applications and games more suitable for iPhones and iPads.

  • Selective Apps - Applications and emulators like screen recorders, games, GBA4iOS, etc. are available in this category.

  • Modified Apps - Applications with additional highlights and add-ons. Mostly paid applications and games with additional obb files will be included in this category.

How to get tweaked apps using AppValley on iOS

As mentioned earlier, AppValley is a gateway to install applications on both iOS and Android devices, especially mobile devices and iPads. Following are the steps through which we can download and install apps using AppValley:

  1. In the Safari browser, search for Download AppValley for iOS.

  2. On the homepage of the AppValley website, click on the "Install AppValley" option and follow the instructions to install AppValley in your device.

  3. After installing the AppValley, click on its icon on your mobile screen.

  4. It opens a consent message and clicks on the Next button to continue.

  5. Then go to the Profile and Device Management Settings from the Settings menu and add AppValley as a trusted source.

  6. Again, click on the AppValley icon on your screen.

  7. Once you enter into the installer, you can search for your desired app from the categories and sub categories listed. Even after you could not find your required app, you can type its name and make a manual search.

  8. Tap the Get option in order to install the app and follow the instructions displayed.

  9. Once installed, enjoy the applications free of cost.

VIP Edition

With the VIP Edition in AppValley, you can access many extra features and have an excellent adventure for your application needs. The free version does not force you to go for the VIP version, but the only drawback is that it shows you numerous ads during your installation process. Download AppValley VIP Version.


Hereafter, if you want to install and use tweaked apps in your iPhones or iOS devices, there is no need to jailbreak your device. Just install AppValley installer and get your desired app free of cost and enjoy. With the help of a particular app installer, there is no need for the iPhone user to get hesitate to install any kind of mobile app.