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Why You Should Consider Becoming A Nurse

May 04, 2019 03:45 PM EDT
Should you become a Nurse?

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Millions of young Americans are desperate to find a place for themselves in life through consistent employment that helps make the world a better place. Naturally, many of these aspiring young professionals are turning to the medical field for answers to their questions about life, finding steady incomes and happy positions as doctors, nurses, and surgeons. Nonetheless, our nation is still facing a desperate shortage of medical professionals, and we'll need more and more nurses in the immediate future to keep up with our growing healthcare demands.

Here's why you should consider becoming a nurse, and why they're going to be an essential part of the American economy for the foreseeable future.

We're facing a critical nurse shortage

By far the largest reason to become a nurse is that we're dealing with a critical shortage of talented professionals in the medical industry right now. This generates a number of positive reasons that you should aspire to become a nurse; you can gain steady employment in a rapidly growing industry, for instance, while simultaneously helping sick and injured people across the nation get the help they've been denied due to a shortage in certified workers.

With the US unable to keep up with the intense demand for competent healthcare professionals, nursing offers you a promising career as a well-paid professional who can earn the respect of those around them. Doctors and surgeons frequently steal the media and pop culture spotlight when it comes to hospitals and healthcare in general, yet nurses are an essential part of delivering positive patient outcomes and can't be dismissed when it comes to saving lives.

Home health aides in particular will grow to become an essential part of the economy and the everyday lives of millions of Americans; with the national population living for longer periods of time, more citizens find themselves in need of senior healthcare assistance. Qualified nurses are also desperately needed in the nation's hospitals and healthcare facilities, as the ongoing opioid epidemic has pushed many healthcare providers to their limits when it comes to the workforce.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics asserts that at least 1.09 million new nurses are going to be needed by 2024 to keep the country in healthy shape, so it's worth considering doing your part and becoming part of the medical community that delivers positive results to millions of Americans every day.

The joys of being a nurse

Besides being desperately needed, nurses are also happy and content with their positions in life. After all, the life of a nurse. Dressed in a fine scrub set, is immensely rewarding because it offers you an unparalleled opportunity to save lives and meet patients and healthcare professionals from all over the world and diverse life backgrounds. A nurse never knows who he or she will encounter in their daily job, and many nurses can attest to making lifelong friends at work who prove to be important in their personal lives, too.

Despite the fact that nurses deal with work-related stress, for instance, most reported being very happy according to a recent survey that sought to analyze the health and mental wellbeing of the American medical industry's workforce. Nurses enjoy the fast-paced working conditions they labor in, which are often cutting-edge and brimming with the latest technology. Tech gurus are always welcome in the medical field, so those who are familiar and comfortable around technology would find themselves happy as a nurse in no time.

The future of nursing demands additional talented young professionals step up to meet the growing demands of a burgeoning healthcare sector. A vibrant workplace, an impressive salary, society's respect and fascinating workplace interactions all await you in the world of nursing, so don't be afraid to seriously consider becoming a part of the nation's medical landscape as we move ahead into the 21st century. While some think they lack the personality or skills needed to survive and thrive as a nurse, many people from a diverse set of backgrounds have found a home for themselves in a hospital or similar healthcare facility.

Why should you consider becoming a nurse? Besides being a well-paying, in-demand job that's sorely needed, being a nurse is a life accomplishment that will reward in you a myriad of surprising ways.

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