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4 Benefits of Becoming A Travel Nurse

Mar 23, 2019 05:33 PM EDT

With the burgeoning healthcare industry in desperate need of additional doctors and nurses, many aspiring students are considering becoming a travel nurse. Similarly, established nurses who have been working for years have often thought about getting out of the hospital or the home where they've been trapped in order to see other institutions and help patients as a travel nurse. The immense challenges of being a travel nurse often deter some people from trying to become one, however, making it worthwhile to review the many positive benefits of the job.

Here are 4 benefits of becoming a travel nurse, and where you should start if you're interested in reshaping your career.

1. Explore new frontiers in nursing

Perhaps the greatest benefit of becoming a travel nurse is that it allows you to explore new frontiers while remaining a crucially-important healthcare professional who delivers care to patients. Many nurses simply can't stand working in a hospital or being stuck in a home for long periods at a time, which is perfectly understandable. The high-stress nature of an emergency room or the privacy of a family's living room don't always lend themselves to professional success. Furthermore, moving around allows you to accrue professional experience alongside a wider range of professionals than if you'd been stuck in the same place for years and years on end.

Nonetheless, there are certain pitfalls to traveling around you should be aware of. Some myths continue to assert that travel nurses can enjoy tax free travel stipends, for instance, when in reality that's nothing more than a recruitment tactic. It's worthwhile to review the hoaxes that could fool you and cost you in the long-run if you're unaware of them.

2. You'll enjoy unparalleled networking opportunities

Another one of the benefits of becoming a travel nurse is that you'll enjoy unparalleled networking opportunities, especially since you'll meet substantially more industry-related professionals than you otherwise would have. Venturing to the far corners of the map has its perks - talented doctors and nurses are spread across the country, and only a seasoned travel nurse gets the opportunity to work alongside such a wide coterie of hardworking and thoroughly educated professionals.

You need to surround yourself with overachievers and brilliant professionals if you want to enjoy success yourself, so don't make the mistake of thinking that travel nurses don't have the time or energy to meet new people and forge meaningful relationships.

Still, some nurses are uncomfortable with the socializing required for networking, especially when it comes to introducing yourself to new people over and over again as many travel nurses must. Those who are considering foraying into the world of travel nursing should closely study some networking tips that will help you establish connections that could bolster your career or change your personal life.

3. Travel nurses are seriously flexible

Many travel nurses love their job precisely because it offers them a fantastic degree of flexibility. Many hospitals, too, try to scoop up travel nurses when they can because they understand that such professionals help cut down on the overall costs of healthcare, which can be vital towards saving more lives in the long-run. While some doubt the ability of travel nurses to enjoy freedom in their scheduling, and others assert that hospitals suffer because of travel nurses, research has demonstrated that both parties benefit from the flexibility of the arrangement.

If you're sick and tired of working with the same schedule, day in and day out, it may be time to consider becoming a travel nurse. While you can't always plan things out too far ahead when you're constantly travelling, you'll soon enjoy the newfound autonomy you've been given over your career.

4. You don't have to worry about hospital politics

Finally, one of the reasons that so many travel nurses enjoy their work is because it enables them to get by without having to worry about hospital politics. Anybody in the healthcare industry with even a modicum of experience understands how frustrating internal disputes and politics can be; oftentimes, schedules are changed on the basis of personal agendas, and patient care can even suffer in certain circumstances thanks to feuding professionals.

As a travel nurse with your brand new scrubs, however, you won't be a serious threat to the longevity of any hospital veteran's career, which means they're less likely to deliberately disadvantage you in the pursuit of their own personal gain. While it's awful that medical professionals have to deal with such nonsense, it's a simple matter of fact that hospital hierarchies can be cutthroat environments where those who rise to the top often do so at the expense of those at the bottom.

If you're having a tough time figuring out whether becoming a travel nurse is the right path for you, consider the immense relief you'll enjoy when you don't have to fret about internal politics.

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