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4 Amazing Natural Wonders You Should Save Up to Visit

Dec 04, 2018 03:49 PM EST

4 Amazing Natural Wonders You Should Save Up to Visit

There is so much unbelievable beauty in the world that it sometimes feels like there simply isn't enough time or money to see it all. Our planet is a magical place, full of natural wonders that must be seen to be believed. If money was no object, there are the four natural wonders you absolutely need to visit in your lifetime.

Sarisariñama Sinkholes, Venezuela

There are few places in the world that so powerfully defy our imaginations and the laws of physics than the Sarisariñama Sinkholes in Venezuela. Located in one of the most remote regions on the planet in a country that isn't exactly easy to enter these days, you'd need plenty of resources to be able to make this trip. The site consists of four giant, perfectly circular sinkholes carved into a tabletop mountain. They were only discovered fifty years ago and are surrounded by thick forest on every side. Each hole is over 1000 feet deep, so you'd need to be very careful and not get too close.

Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland

This is one of the more accessible natural wonders of the world, as well as one of the most visually striking. Aletsch Glacier is a stunning rock formation in the Bernese Alps which formed at the very end of the last ice age, continuing to draw curious travelers ever since. If there's a catch, it's that Switzerland is by no means a cheap country, and this glacier is located just a short train ride from Zurich, a place so ritzy that it regularly tops the lists of where would you travel if you won the lottery, so it'll take a heap of cash to see this place in all its glory.

Aogashima Volcano, Japan

There are few places as surreal as Aogashima in the world. Located 200 miles from the Bay of Tokyo, this stunning island is one of the only examples of a volcano within a volcano, creating one of the most mind-bending natural formations known to man. Fortunately, the island has some well-developed tourist infrastructure, meaning that exploring the now-dormant and tree-covered volcano is a relatively easy task. While you're there, make sure to pack some eggs to fry on the hot rim of the volcano - a popular activity among tourists and locals alike. You can also visit a spa which is heated entirely by the volcano heat - did someone say "Ember Spa"?

Hillier Lake, Australia

How many natural wonders can you think of that quite literally defy all scientific explanation? That's exactly what Hillier, the bright pink lake in Southern Australia, does perfectly. No scientists have been able to figure out exactly what gives this ancient place its bright pink hue but one of the more popular theories is that the unique plant life on the lake bed, unique to the area, is what gives it such an unusual coloring. While going for a dip would certainly be the experience of a lifetime, it is used solely for research purposes, meaning that tourists have to make do with flying over it via helicopter.

Part of what makes natural wonders so amazing is that they're obscure and difficult to get to. If you manage to acquire the cash to visit these places, you can be sure it'll be worth every penny.

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