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A huge glacier that came to the village of Greenland

Jul 15, 2018 03:30 PM EDT
A huge glacier that came to the village of Greenland

(Photo : BBC)

A huge iceberg, measuring 100 meters in height, slammed into the western coast of Greenland.

According to the BBC, the iceberg is 200 meters wide, 100 meters high and weighs 11 million tons. The Greenland authorities have ordered the villagers to evacuate the villages as there is a risk of tsunami (tsunami) occurring when the icebergs split, Currently, there are 169 people in the village of Inarsut.

Village senator Susan said in a local paper, "I am afraid that icebergs with cracks and holes can break at any time." "The village's power plant and fuel tank are near the coast," he said. Other
An official in the village said, "It is not uncommon for icebergs to float on the coast, but this is the first iceberg."

If the wind is strong enough at the appropriate time,
It is pushed to the bay which does not affect the village. However, when it rains, icebergs falling from the iceberg can damage the village. Fortunately, last night the icebergs were still there, not moving.

Experts predict that icebergs coming off the glacier due to climate change will become more frequent. As a result, the risk of tsunamis and floods could rise as icebergs hit coastal areas like Greenland.

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