Mosquitoes have tested positive for the West Nile virus in various sites in Ohio, Washington, and Virginia, where summertime signals mosquito season once more.

The West Nile virus has been found in mosquitoes near Alexandria, Johnstown and Harrison Township in Ohio and Benton County in Washington. There has also been positive testings in Suffolk, Virginia.

Mosquito Season Brings The West Nile Virus

Health officials are warning the residents — especially states with warm, dry climates that mosquitoes prefer — to take heed of the risks as they venture out this summer with the surge of positive testings for the West Nile virus.

Newark Advocate reports that the Ohio Department of Health trapped and tested mosquitoes last June 21 and 22, finding that they carry the virus several days later.

In the state of Washington, the Benton County Mosquito Control discovered the first group of mosquitoes with the West Nile virus in the last week of June, according to KEPR.

Dr. Amy Person of the Benton-Franklin County Health District says that once the mosquitoes in the area test positive for this virus, it will be a concern for health officials until the hard frost arrives.

It may sound dire, but these are conditions that they encounter annually.

"We deal with West Nile virus every year, so it's kind of a routine with us from the beginning of the season," Angela Beehler, the district manager of Benton County Mosquito Control, explains to KEPR. "We start looking in February and then most of our crew comes on in April."

In Virginia, the City of Suffolk is also on alert as mosquitoes from the areas of Riverview, North Street, and Dumville Lane have been found with the West Nile Virus. In addition, bugs in Cove Point and Lamb Avenue have been tested positive for Eastern Equine Encephalitis, WTKR reports.

About The West Nile Virus

According to CDC, the West Nile Virus is a mosquito-transmitted virus that commonly occurs in the months of summer and fall. The entire continental United States have all experienced cases of the virus.

Most of the people infected with the West Nile Virus do not exhibit symptoms at all. However, 20 percent of those infected develop symptoms that may include fever, head and body aches, joint pains, rash, diarrhea, and vomiting. Complete recovery usually occurs.

About one in 150 people develop more severe illnesses affecting the central nervous system, which can potentially be fatal.

How To Avoid Mosquito Bites

Health officials are advising their towns to simply be careful of mosquito bites.

Mosquito repellents are highly recommended as well as clothing that cover up most of the body. Stagnant water around the residence should also be eliminated, since these are perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Mosquito activity is at its peak one hour before dusk and dawn.