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'Dancing Doctor' Gets License Suspended, Defends Herself After: 'These Were All Consented Videos'

Jun 11, 2018 01:14 AM EDT
Surgery Room
The "dancing doctor" expresses her defense against suspension, saying her singing and dancing videos had the consent of her patients under surgery.
(Photo : Sasin Tipchai | Pixabay)

Atlanta-based dermatologist Dr. Windell Boutte defends making videos of her dancing and singing as patients go under the knife, saying they gave their full consent.

Boutte's license has been suspended for malpractice.

Surgery Room Videos

Boutte made the videos public by posting them on her YouTube channel, which contained at least 20 of these 30- to 60-second videos that had her dubbed as the "Dancing Doctor."

In one of the clips on the channel, she was recorded dancing and rapping a version of Migos' "Bad and Boujee" while holding various surgical tools over a patient's partly exposed buttocks, according to a report from CNN.

Boutte's assistants also occasionally appeared as backup dancers.

Videos Were Consented, Says Boutte

The doctor is maintaining her innocence, saying all of the clips posted online had the consent of the patients.

During an interview with HLN, Boutte explained that a patient gave her idea in 2016. The woman, who won free services from the clinic's contest, suggested that the board-certified dermatologist record a video post-surgery to promote and show off her work. After the first one, other patients began to ask her to make videos after their respective surgeries.

"These were all consented videos," Boutte says in the interview as reported by CNN. "They were staged, they were planned."

She adds that patients chose their songs, as well as gave her direction for the videos. According to Boutte, the videos also served as educational instruments.

Suspension, Multiple Lawsuits

Despite her defense, the Georgia Composite Medical Board suspended the dermatologist's license to practice medicine. The suspension was over malpractice for her treatment of seven different patients.

A number of patients have also elected to file lawsuits against Boutte. Attorney Susan Witt, who represents three of the women who are part of the cases, states that the videos show "a lack of care and concern" toward the patients during surgery.

"A number of clients have come forward and said that they had not authorized that their images be used in the way that they have been used by Dr. Boutte for her profit, which is greatly concerning," Witt explains.

Latoyah Rideau, a patient featured in a video that had Boutte cutting into her stomach as the song "Cut It" played, tells HLN that Boutte reached out to her to say that the clip of her was posted on social media.

Rideau describes the public posting of her video "horrible, disrespected, humiliated," while Boutte says the patient was happy when they talked six or seven months after the surgery.

Five malpractice lawsuits are already filed against Boutte. Surprisingly, they aren't for the controversial dancing videos, but over claims of infections, disfigurement, and brain damage following procedures by the doctor. Four of these lawsuits have been settled.

One patient, 54-year-old Icilma Cornelius, went in for liposuction surgery in Boutte's clinic in 2016. Instead, the patient went into cardiac arrest, suffering permanent brain damage, International Business Times reports.

"My mother's future is mainly bed rest, wheelchair sitting," Ojay Liburb, Cornelius' son, says in the publication.

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