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NASA Astronaut Forgets His GoPro SD Card Back Home On Earth

May 21, 2018 07:22 AM EDT
A NASA astronaut forgets his GoPro's SD card during a spacewalk for an ongoing mission.
(Photo : Glenn Chapman | AFP/Getty Images)

Forgetting something you really need is frustrating for anyone, but the pressure increases tenfold if you're a NASA astronaut on a spacewalk.

It's exactly what happened to NASA astronaut Andrew Feustel, who was on a simulcast spacewalk when he realized he left one very crucial piece of gear behind.

NASA posted the hilarious exchange on their Twitch account, showing that astronauts can be just like any other tech-challenged dad out there. In jest, the video clip was titled as "Left SD card at home LUL."

Feustel Forgets His SD Card

"Hey, uh, Houston, I gotta ask a question about the GoPro real quick," Feustel says during the simulcast, according to "Pushing the button, I see a 'No SD' [alert] ... Do I need that to record? And if it's recording, is there supposed to be a red light on?"

After a short lull from ground control — points out that the operators are probably having a good laugh over the astronaut's mistake — someone answers Feustel's query.

"I'm told that if it has the card in it, it should have a red light if it's recording," an employee at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston eventually responds.

"And if it says 'No SD,' what does that mean?" Feustel asks.

"I think that means no card."

Fortunately, Feustel brushes off the misstep with the presence of mind of a veteran professional.

"Well, let's just forget it for now. I'll get it later," he says. "Let's just not worry about it."

The humorous clip, which shows astronauts can be as forgetful and relatable as anyone, quickly went viral on the Internet.

Andrew Feustel

Feustel, who is on the International Space Station as part of the Expedition 55 team, has a PhD in geological sciences. He has two spacewalks for a combined total of over 42 hours as well as a total of more than 29 days in space.

Expedition 55 is a current mission on the ISS that includes Earth sciences, biology, technology demonstrations, materials sciences, and physics. It consists of six crew members from United States, Japan, and Russia including Feustel, Anton Shkaplerov, Scott Tingle, Ricky Arnold, Norishige Kanai, and Oleg Artemyev.

While NASA has neither confirmed nor denied it was Feustel was on the featured clip on Twitch, says an extended clip reveals it was indeed him who has become the subject of multiple memes online.

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