An Armenia-based cosmetic company called Nairian is mixing the long history of Armenia's folk remedies and botanical traditions with modern medicine and pharmacology to create skincare products that are both natural and safe.

Pioneer in Natural Armenian Skincare

According to the report from Smithsonian, the cosmetic company Nairian is the first all-natural skincare company in Armenia. All the ingredients of their products were made from the plants and herbs harvested at their very own eco-farm at Armenian highlands.

"We've found that the best results are obtained through a marriage of science and nature," wrote Anahit Markosian, Head of Research & Development and co-founder of Nairian, in the company's website. "Therefore each of our formulas is designed to bring out the full potential of its ingredients, promote health, and enhance beauty."

History of Armenian Folk Remedy

Armenia's folk medicine can be traced back up to nearly three millennia, according to Stella Va'danyan's The History of Medicine in Armenia. 

Ancient writers also treat Armenian herbs in high regard. In 301 CE, Armenian monks and scholars spent a lot of time and effort writing on topics like pharmacology, anatomy, botany and phytotherapy. The location of their monasteries, which is commonly on mountaintops, made it possible for them to avoid the threat of invasion. Due to this, monks were able to conduct scientific studies that yielded some of the most brilliant and painstakingly detailed manuscripts in the world.

Mkhitar Heratsi, who is considered to be the father of Armenian medicine, wrote his pivotal book on fevers in the 12th century. In this book, Heratsi fused together folk medicine of his time with medical advances of scholarly and monastic world.

During the 15th century, Amirdovlat Amasiatsi wrote Useless for the Ignorant, an encyclopedia of 3,500 Armenian plant and herbs that he translated into five languages to make it more understandable for laymen.

Some of the Armenian herbs that Nairian incorporated in their skincare products are Rosehip Seed, Lemon Basil, Rose, Sea Buckthorn, Tarragon, Yarrow, Garden Sage, Lemon Balm and Calendula.