Tesla CEO Elon Musk's hatred for traffic led to the founding of his latest venture, the Boring Company. The company's main goal is to ease traffic by digging underground tunnels.

Based on Musk's plan, he intends to build a network of tunnels which will carry cars on transporting sleds that run at a speed of 125 miles per hour.

Some doubt that it can even be built. While some say it will cost a ton of money to execute. But businessman Elon Musk is serious when he founded the Boring Company. He already started digging underneath his SpaceX compound and recently finished testing the transporting sled.

He first released a video during the conference showing the 3D render of the underground tunnel system. In the video, cars descend from the roads to an underground network of tunnels. The cars were then whisked away by an electronic transporting sled.

On his Instagram account, Musk recently uploaded a video of the sled. This time, an actual working version of the was seen giving the public the first sneak peek into what could be the future of transportation.

The electric sled is a proof of concept that Musk's idea might actually come to fruition. But his transporting sled and tunnels are way different from the conventional ones. A typical tunnel is about 26 to 28 feet while the Boring Company's version will allegedly be half the diameter. Smaller tunnels are equivalent to cheaper cost in digging and building. 

"This is a test run of our electric sled that would transport cars at 125 mph (200 km/h) through the tunnels, automatically switching from one tunnel to the next," the Boring Company founder Elon Musk said. "Would mean Westwood to LAX in 5 mins."

He also takes pride with the tunnel boring machine, an integral part of the construction. The machine called Godot will drill holes underground and will help Musk build his ambitious network of underground tunnels.