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LOOK: Rare Blue-Eyed Albino Orangutan Rescued From Captivity In Indonesia

May 04, 2017 08:00 AM EDT
An Albino Orangutan Has Been Rescued In Indonesia
A rare albino orangutan was captured in Indonesia and was held by locals for two days. The animal was then rescued by the BOS foundation and is now under observation.
(Photo : Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation via GeoBeat News/YouTube)

There are very few rare albino orangutans in the world and a blue-eyed and white-haired one is more sporadic and difficult to find. A sighting was reported in Indonesia but the animal was captured and held by villagers for two days. Luckily it was rescued by a survival foundation in the area.

The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS Foundation) announced that a 5-year-old female albino orangutan was rescued in Tanggirang village, Central Kalimantan. The white-haired orangutan became famous not only because of its condition, but the albinism was emphasized with her rare blue eyes.

The female orangutan was rescued last April 29, according to a press release by BOS Foundation. Rescuers received information from the Kapuas Hulu chief of police, the area where the village is located. Sighting of a blue-eyed albino orangutan is very rare thus it has received the attention of animal rights activists not only in Indonesia but also, around the globe.

Rescuers conducted a physical examination to determine the health of the rare albino orangutan. Physical exams show that its hair, eye and skin color are lighter compared to the usual colors exhibited by normal orangutans. According to Telegraph, the usual color of Bornean orangutans are reddish-brown. The team also observed that the animal shows signs of being sensitive to light.

Today, the rare blue-eyed albino orangutan is being cared for by the foundation. They will perform a series of routine health checks to help her recover.

The orangutan was reportedly held captive by residents of the village for two days. This means, the animal just surfaced recently and still exhibits characteristics that convey she lived in the wild. Today, orangutans are considered critically endangered species by the nternational Union for Conservation of Nature.

The foundation says it will have to observe the behavior of the rare blue-eyed albino first before deciding its fate; whether to keep the orangutan in a sheltered home or to release her into the wild. BOS foundation assured the public that whatever the decision will be, it will be for the long-term welfare and conservation of the orangutan.

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