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WATCH: Rare Drone Clip Captures Sharks in Feeding Frenzy Off Australian Coast

Apr 25, 2017 03:26 PM EDT
Great White Shark
Great white sharks are usually the predator, but they're recently found the victims in a series of strange killings in South Africa.
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A drone has captured a rare sight of sharks in a feeding frenzy just meters away from the shore where hundreds of stunned people watch.

The footage was posted on Youtube by Damian Hurley. It shows sharks slicing through the crystal clear waters as it goes for the kill.

According to News 7, at least eight hungry sharks fed on thousands of fish on the waters in Fingal Bay, a popular beach strip in New South Wales, Australia. As explained by the Sydney Morning Herald, the migrating mullets attracted the grey nurse sharks in the area.

Mullet fish are found worldwide in tropical and subtropical waters. They are usually found in large schools just like sardines. Australian Museum noted there are 80 species in the mullet family, the Australian fauna alone consists of 21 species in 10 genera.

Last week, another regular on the beach spotted and snapped photos of sharks in feeding frenzy at the same location.

"The mullet were there all day, and so were the sharks," Tony Carrozzi told New Castle Herald"Late afternoon they [sharks] got really close to the beach. I don't know how many there were but at times you could see them swimming in pairs."

In response to the incident, the beach strip was closed to swimming until further notice. The Department of Primary Industries is currently carrying out aerial patrols of the bay on a daily basis to monitor sharks.

Last month, a man was attacked by an unidentified shark at nearby One Mile Beach in Port Stephens.

Laeticia Brouwer, a 17-year-old teenager surfing at a popular surfer break known as Kelp Beds, Western Australia was attacked by a great white shark. She died of severe blood loss upon arrival at the hospital. The incident has fueled a debate whether their government should resort to shark culling, a tactic practiced by the New South Wales and Queensland.

Environmentalists are in the process of convincing authorities to list shark culling and the use of drum lines as threats to endangered species under the federal law.

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