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This Adorable French Bulldog Is a Better Skateboarder Than You [Video]

Apr 20, 2017 11:50 AM EDT

Skateboarding bulldog Eric has truly taken off -- literally and figuratively. Footage of an adorable bulldog expertly maneuvering around a skate bowl in Clissold Park in London caught the eye of bystanders and fellow skaters.

No one can blame anyone for watching this impressive French bulldog shredding at the park. According to a report from the Daily Mail, the clip was recorded and posted online by book critic Imogen Russell Williams, who was at the park with her daughter when she caught the commotion over the bulldog.

"We ran over to watch -- everyone was very excited -- and I filmed a bit on my phone," she said. "I thought I'd tweet it as something fun on a day of general election doom and gloom -- I was obviously not expecting it to take off like this."

Eric the bulldog was not distracted by the bystanders who gathered to watch him, but perhaps, he's simply used to the attention. The Daily Mail revealed that there have already been several videos of him that made its way to YouTube.

Even making his talent more incredible is the fact that Eric actually taught himself to skateboard, not his owner Claire Maclean. The bulldog was only six months old when she took him to the park for a walk and he ended up with an impressive new skill.

"I heard this kid screaming 'What's going on?'" Maclean recounted. "I thought 'Where's Eric?'-- Eric had nicked the skateboard and was rolling down the hill. He was totally standing on it, even pushing himself. I was a bit in shock as I'd never seen it before."

His breed may have given him somewhat of an advantage, though. A report from Sports Illustrated observed that a lot of the talented dog skateboarders are bulldogs, suggesting that their short and stubby legs make it easier for them to balance on a board while moving.

Whether or not this is true, French bulldogs and skateboards are definitely an awesome combination.

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