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Caught on Cam: Giant Shark Circles Popular Swimming Spot in Australia

Apr 20, 2017 05:56 AM EDT
Great White Shark
In response to the incident, shark attack survivors and other politicians had called for mass killing of great white sharks.
(Photo : Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

Australia is not unfamiliar with shark sightings. However, sharks circling around popular swimming spots are always a cause of concern.

Carla Charlton was enjoying her day when she suddenly spotted a giant shark swimming around the wharf in Warrnambool, Victoria.

Speaking with Coast FM, Carla said she was only looking for a barking seal. When she pointed her camera to the direction where she heard the seal, she was surprised when instead of seeing the seal, she saw a shark.

"I heard this seal barking so we went down to have a look at the seal and I started to take video of a seal in the water," she said. "I kept the video going to capture the seal and then these two fins popped up out of the water."

"Initially I thought it was two separate fish, then I thought ‘no that's a shark, that's two fins off the same fish'. I just kept taking the video because I thought ‘there's a shark here' and I couldn't believe it," she continued.

She added that there were kids jumping off the water during the sighting so people immediately screamed and instructed the kids to get off the water.

As reported by 9 News, the space between the shark's fins is about three and a half meters, suggesting that the shark is massive. Locals speculate that it could be a great white shark.

"When I Googled sharks later on, I realized that where the fin comes through the middle of the shark, there is another whole amount of that size shark sticking out the front of it, so I realized it was twice as big as I was looking at," Carla quipped.

The video comes after a 17-year-old teenager was attacked and killed by a yet-to-be-identified shark while surfing at a popular surfer break known as Kelp Beds. The shark mauled one of the victim's legs, leading her to die due to massive blood loss. Her parents watched helplessly at the bay as the attack occurred.

In response to the incident, shark attack survivors and other politicians had called for mass killing of great white sharks. Fisheries minister, meanwhile, said there is no need for shark cull as their population has not increased, WA Today reported.

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