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Google Earth Just Got a Facelift! Now Features Mobile Device Compatibility, Guided Tours and 3D View

Apr 19, 2017 01:37 PM EDT
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Google Earth's facelift made it better and smarter. It has enhanced artificial intelligence features, 3D technology and guided tours.
(Photo : dam Berry/Getty Images)

Google Earth may have gone into hiatus, but it's definitely back and way better than it used to be. The Google app, known for its stunning satellite imagery, launched new features last Tuesday, April 18.

The new attributes will help Google Earth to give viewers a more interactive experience. Aside from satellite and street view images, there are new information and new ways to view maps on Google Earth.

"We're starting with more of a consumption experience," Sean Askay, engineering manager for Google Earth said in a statement. "The direction we're interested in with Earth is letting you tell the stories."

The new upgrade enables users to enjoy Google Earth on desktops, laptops, mobile devices and tablets, according to Daily Mail. Google Earth officials say that the facelift is their "gift to the world."

One new key feature is Knowledge cards. The cards enumerate the information, images and other pertinent facts about what a person is searching for.

For the more adventurous type, the "I'm feeling lucky" button will let users explore unique places on Earth and learn more about them, like the Zao Hot Spring in Japan. It features about 20,000 "off the beaten path" locations and recommendations.

Google Earth seems to be smarter, too. It can now suggest "Points of Interests" based on the user's date profile or past searches.

"Google Maps is for finding your way. Google Earth is for getting lost," Gopal Shah, Google Earth product manager said in an interview with CNN. "Google Maps is sort of my personal assistant to get me around a place...[In] Google Earth we want to take you where you're not...It's about exploring the world."

To make the experience more interesting and interactive, Google Earth forged new partnerships, such as the one with BBC's Planet Earth and Sesame Street. Jane Goodall Institute for Interactive guided tours was also tapped for the existing Voyager feature.

Aside from the images, Google Earth users can now see what they're searching for in 3D. All they have to is to click the 3D button. It enables users to explore the Grand Canyon and other historical sites without leaving the comforts of their homes. The upgraded version or the facelift is expected to roll out this week for both Chrome and Android.

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