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WATCH: Beaver Accidentally Becomes the Leader of 150 Cattle in Canada

Apr 19, 2017 01:08 PM EDT
Beavers are amazing creatures, and apparently cattle think so too!
(Photo : Allison Shelley/Getty Images)

Ranchers in Canada were shocked upon seeing a non-plussed beaver leading the trail for a herd of 150 curious heifers.

According to a report from CBC News Saskatoon, Adrienne Ivey and her husband spotted their cattle crowded around a beaver before trudging after it as it wandered through one of their pastures.

Ivey believes that the beaver was trying to look for a spot to build a new beaver lodge. The heifers, curious about this new animal, approached him cautiously and kept a three-foot distance between them and the smaller mammal. The Saskatchewan rancher said that heifers are naturally very inquisitive creatures.

"They're a curious bunch," she described. "They're kind of like teenagers. And I think they were following this thing around because they couldn't figure out what the heck it was."

It's always entertaining to see different species in unexpected encounters, but the fact that the beaver is Canadian's national symbol made the incident even more amusing as Iver called it "possibly the most Canadian thing" they've ever seen on the ranch in a blog entry.

"We just thought this was so funny and so Canadian," she told CBC News. "A Canadian beaver leading around a bunch of Canadian cattle just makes it even more funny."

This isn't the first time beavers ended up on national news in Canada. Just the previous week on Wednesday, April 12, a beaver shut down a section of a highway in southern Ontario, according to a report from Toronto Sun.

The national symbol was sitting on a storm drain and police led the attempts to urge the animal to return to its natural habitat. The beaver ignored the attempts to shoo it away, so an officer kept watch over it to ensure its safety. Wildlife control was summoned and they were able to bring the creature back home.

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