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Goose With Giant Arrow Through Its Neck Found Casually Wandering in New York

Apr 19, 2017 03:38 AM EDT

A goose with an arrow lodged on its neck has been spotted walking on various locations in Amherst, New York.

A video sent by a News 4 viewer showed the goose walking casually as if not caring about the sharp object pierced on its neck.

According to News 4, members of the SPCA in Erie County and the Department of Environmental Conservation have been trying to catch the goose on the loose to remove the arrow. However, they remain unsuccessful.

Because the goose remains elusive, it's not known yet how it got pierced and how long has it been since. The big question however is that despite the goose's situation, it appears to be fine.

"The goose clearly is flying so when we go out to a place where the goose is sighted, it may or may not be there... it's impossible," Gina Browning of the SPCA told WKBW, adding that it seemed to be eating well.

SPCA encouraged everyone to report to them in case they have caught a sight of the goose.

"If somebody sees the goose maybe nesting, that would be an ideal time," Browning asserted. "Maybe we can get out there, the goose won't leave the nest, won't leave its eggs, and hopefully we can work to get that arrow out."

You may call the SPCA at (716) 875-7360 or Amherst Police Animal Control at (716) 689-1311.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time a bird has been shot with an arrow and lived to tell the tale. On April 1, another wounded goose has been spotted in Rockford. Illinois Conservation Police Officer Stuart Fraser in an email told Rockford Register Star that squirrels, ducks and geese are shot at by people often, mostly because they are bothered by its presence.

These animals usually trespass on homeowner's properties. As per Humane Society Organization, there is a federal law that protects Canada geese, and nearly all bird species in the U.S. However, in some cases, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) gives individual permits to kill geese on one property.

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