April the giraffe has finally given birth to her fourth calf, but the dilemma is not over yet, as the calf still has not been named. Animal Adventure Park decided to have a fund-raising contest to name the newborn.

"We're actually going to have the world help us vote on that name," Jordan Patch, the owner of Animal Adventure Park, said in a guesting on Good Morning America. "Our naming contest is up now at nameaprilscalf.com where you can go in and make a monetary donation for the name of choice."

Here's how you can pitch your own suggestion.

  1. Go to http://nameaprilscalf.com/
  2. Enter suggested name and your email address
  3. Press "get your votes"

Votes are a dollar each, with a minimum purchase of five votes. The initial voting period will last only for 10 days; after which, another round of voting will commence. For the next round, which will last for five days, the top ten names will be revealed. You can vote on any of those names.

Fox News reported a petition has been created to name the famous calf after the son of "Giraffe Mom" Erin Dietrich, which became famous recently for wearing a giraffe mask as she went into labor. Her video went viral and reached millions of views on social media.

As noted by Express UK, the funds that will be generated by the poll will be allotted to giraffe conservation efforts and charity -- the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and Ava's Little Heroes, a charity campaign for children with epilepsy.

The rest will be spent for the improvement of the Animal Adventure Park and for the well-being of April the giraffe and her calf.

The celebrity zoo of Animal Adventure Park went into labor and gave birth to a male calf on Saturday. The live stream, according to CNN, was watched by 1.25 million anxious followers. The calf weighs 129 pounds (58.5 kilograms) and stands 5 feet 9 inches tall (1.75 meters). He will be weaned by April for 10 months or more.